UPS Named Major Sponsor for The Association For Manufacturing Technology and IMTS

November 3, 2013

AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology has signed on UPS as a major sponsor for the organization and its massive trade show – International Manufacturing Technology Show.  

UPS will now be recognized as an official “Global Logistics Provider to IMTS and AMT.”

“In AMT’s 110-year history, this is our first sponsorship with a global logistics provider,” said Peter Eelman, AMT vice president - exhibitions and communications.

He added, “We are confident UPS will bring great value to AMT members and IMTS stakeholders. UPS is known for delivering innovative solutions that enable the agility and reliability that today’s dynamic global supply chain requires.”

UPS vice president of marketing Derrick Johnson said, “Our team looks forward to working with AMT and its members to help them compete in a changing business environment.”

He added, “We have expertise in manufacturing logistics, and through this unique relationship we can help their members expand globally and enhance their supply chains.”

In recognition of the innovation UPS brings to logistics, they will be featured in the Emerging Technology Center (ETC) at IMTS 2014.

“(UPS collaborates) with local experts in international markets and optimize solutions with their diverse supplier base, while continuing to integrate intelligent, data-driven technology and infrastructure to meet customer requirements,” Eelman said of the company’s technological capabilities.

He added, “Our members, exhibitors and partners will benefit from the wide range of shipping and logistics solutions UPS offers to manufacturers.”

UPS’ participation with AMT and IMTS will be visible in more ways, including UPS Vice President of U.S. International Sales Adam Feinberg opening the AMT Global Forecasting & Marketing Conference as keynote speaker in October  in Cincinnati, Ohio.

UPS also is sponsoring the IMTS Exhibitor Workshop being held throughout the U.S. in January 2014. UPS representatives will be in attendance during these workshops to help educate exhibitors.

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