Western Veterinary Conference Wins Inaugural TSNN Best of Tech Innovation Award

July 26, 2017

The ability to truly analyze a showfloor using actionable data and making the necessary changes to ensure the show’s continued success led to the Western Veterinary Conference snagging the inaugural TSNN Best of Tech Innovation Award, sponsored by GES.

The award will be presented onstage at the 2017 TSNN Awards Gala Celebration Aug. 22 in New Orleans.

“WVC works closely with our technology partners to innovate and provide the best possible trade show experience for our participants and exhibitors,” said Joel Altman, exhibits director, WVC.

He added, “We are honored to be recognized by TSNN, and join this prestigious group of companies who push the envelope and continue to improve the convention experience.”

GES CSO Jeff Quade said, “Congratulations to the WVC on winning the TSNN Innovation Award. We applaud the WVC for their commitment to innovation and data-driven enhancements to their Annual Conference. Over the years, the WVC has partnered with ethnoMetrics to study traffic and density and has used the findings to make innovative changes throughout the show floor.”

WVC worked with ethnoMetrics to conduct traffic and density studies and to evaluate changes to the exhibit hall floor.

For example, when WVC moved from the 2nd level exhibit hall in Mandalay Bay to the 1st level, they used previously gathered metrics to help with the new layout.

They knew that their existing symmetrical layout was key to maintaining average density distribution and what exhibitors and types of areas could draw attendees.

WVC used this data to place those key areas in appropriate locations to drive traffic in a new layout. WVC also studied the effectiveness of the new layout to understand what worked, and what additional areas needed improvement.

WVC has added feature areas like a Learning Lounge and Sponsored Activity space to their exhibit hall and used ethnoMetrics data to quantify the improved density to these areas to confirm the investment.

WVC also has studied their association-like exhibit to assess the usability interest by attendees.

During the years, they’ve made constant tweaks to the booth based on what was popular (expanding these areas) or removing items that didn’t get used to keep it relevant and ensure investment is supported by attendees.

For more information, please visit www.T-awards.com

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