Why Eventprofs Should Care About Accuracy

August 7, 2016

Last month, on July 5 to be precise, NASA made history by putting a solar powered space probe into a polar orbit around Jupiter.  After covering a distance of 1.74 billion miles and accelerating to a mind-boggling 74 km/s, Juno (as this very aptly named probe is called) changed its trajectory to settle into an orbit that was off the planned course by only one second. This stupendous navigational feat will enable NASA’s team to proceed with future orbits and science experiments as planned, without having to make any major adjustments. What a great achievement!

This may be an extreme example to begin with, but the hard reality is that in today’s age, accuracy of data, calculations and schematics is critical to the success of any venture. Industries rely on accurate measurements to deliver products that match specifications precisely, and consumers pay close attention to whether what they are paying for matches what has been promised to them.

This is just as true in the events industry as anywhere else. Whether it’s your floor plan or accounts receivable, the exactness of measurements and calculations is a big deal. Even small variations, which may not seem a big deal on a day or day to basis, can pile up and create huge headaches a few months down the lane. Booths that don’t line up on close inspection, financial accounts that are off by a few cents, or launch deadlines that slip by a day here or there – all these directly affect your role as a show organizer, and should not be acceptable. Minor inaccuracies that add up to big numbers not only affect your bottom line, but also your reputation with vendors and participants.

So, what are some things that eventprofs can do today to ensure the accuracy of their data in future? Fortunately, many exact planning and execution resources are easily available and can be put to excellent use to ensure that your data is precisely captured and reconciled. It starts with being aware that accuracy of data matters and putting a trained team of professionals together, is facilitated by giving them access to accurate technology tools, and confirmed with compulsory periodic reviews to ensure that projects are on course as planned.

When your team starts paying attention to the small details, the gains will be big. Resources will be optimized, expenses will stay on tracks and your audience will appreciate you delivering on what was promised to them!

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