Why an Exhibitor Product Showcase Gallery is an Indispensable Part of Your Event Website

June 26, 2016

Is your event website failing to generate enough repeat visits and continued engagement from your website visitors? If the answer is yes, chances are that the website is not providing them with the compelling interactive content and engaging experience that would give them a reason to stick around and keep coming back periodically to check what’s new.

As a trade show organizer, your primary focus is on managing the innumerable logistics for the actual event, and rightly so. You probably don’t have the resources to keep generating and posting new content on the event website. Well, the silver lining is that you do not have to do the heavy lifting all by yourself! By featuring an interactive product gallery on the event website and inviting exhibitors to upload beautiful visuals as well as engaging descriptions, you can quickly elevate your event’s digital presence while putting in very little effort from your side.

Here are some compelling reasons your event website absolutely needs an interactive product showcase gallery:

1.       Early Engagement
An interactive product gallery provides prospective attendees with a sneak preview of what’s on offer, building a compelling case for them to register for the event to be a part of the early wave of adopters of new and the most technological advanced solutions in their industry.

2.       Exhibitor ROI
Interactive product listings also help exhibitors engage potential buyers ahead of the event since most attendees will add an exhibitor to their pre-show planner is their interest is sparked by their listing on the website. Many of them will also send exhibitors questions and request to meet at the event or to attend exhibitors’ special events at the show. Featuring a product gallery thus helps you provide higher and quantifiable ROI to exhibitors.

3.       Increased Traffic & Attendance
When registered attendees and exhibitors share visually engaging exhibitor-generated images with their own friends and followers on popular social media channels, and link these back to the product gallery on your event website, they indirectly help you engage untapped audiences, and boost traffic and attendee registrations for your event.

4.       Additional Revenue
By adding additional product listings to enhanced eBooth packages, you can not only boost participation from exhibitors, but also generate additional revenue from your event’s digital assets.

5.       Search Engine Strategy
Last but not least, exhibitor-generated content in the product gallery can be great for your websites’ organic search visibility as well as ranking. By making website visitors spend more time browsing through your website, you can directly influence your presence on leading search engines.  But that’s not all. The additional content also boosts your chances of being found for keywords that are popular with your exhibitors’ audiences.

In summary, if your event website doesn’t showcase exhibitors’ products, your event promotion strategy is lacking firepower. Contact your event technology provider to add this invaluable interactive feature to your event website in your current show cycle and be amazed by the results you achieve with minimum investment of time and effort!

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