Zuant Unveils New Digital Tools to Ensure GDPR Compliance on Mobile Devices

February 19, 2019

As concerns over data security and privacy issues continue to grow, Zuant, a provider of mobile lead capture cloud solutions, has been busy creating new platforms designed to help event organizers comply with mobile customer contact data compliance.

Launched late last month after two years of development, Zuant Vault is a cloud-based administrator management system that guarantees GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance by ensuring companies market only to those who have granted permission.

GDPR legislation, which went into effect May 25 of last year and applies to any organization that does business with residents or citizens of the EU (regardless of that organization’s location), regulates the processing of EU residents’ and citizens’ personal data, including the collection, use, transfer, monitoring, tracking and even viewing of personal data.

“While most industry coverage of data issues in a GDPR world focuses on in-house systems, managing contact data on mobile devices poses a huge risk because it is stored on individual devices,” said Peter Gillett, CEO of Zuant CEO. “Zuant Vault deals with this risk head-on.”

Once sales teams obtain one-time consent from an individual via the smooth opt-in process, Vault stores their consent in a secure datastore and then transfers it to all devices automatically, thus eliminating the need for an individual to opt in again.

Each account has a database that contains the entire history of every change made to every contact record, with each detail of every data load also recorded, so that all interactions between the company and its prospects and customers are properly maintained, according to Gillett.

In addition, the system helps improve data integrity by automatically eliminating the creation of duplicate contacts and providing data security by controlling access to contact information.

In keeping with GDPR stipulations that contacts have the right to be erased from a system, Zuant ensures that the details of any contact will not be revealed unless the system is able to guarantee that the relevant consent is in place.

“This is of particular importance given that Zuant can operate offline and on occasion may not be able to refer to the cloud-based Vault for the latest situation regarding consent for the contact in question,” Gillett explained.

He continued, “Zuant can perform various actions with regard to individuals, such as sending emails, pushing data to third-party systems and storing data. The value of having data stored in Zuant Vault is assurance that the individual has consented before an action takes place.”

To learn more about Zuant Vault, check out this webinar.


In order to ensure multi-mobile device GDPR compliance, Zuant is also gearing up to unveil the Zuant iPhone 2.0 mobile lead capture sales app, an upgrade to the platform that features double the data sync speed when online, new one-scroll form access and full optimization for iPhone X screens.

Besides its full GDPR capability to monitor contact data on multiple mobile devices on and offline, the new app provides mobile sales teams with reliable NFC event badge contact capture; access to marketing collateral and videos, as well as real-time integration with marketing automation and CRM systems.

According to Gillett, Zuant Vault and Zuant iPhone 2.0 were launched for two reasons: to manage privacy laws and provide a better marketing experience for the contact data held on sales teams’ mobile phones, and to meet the demands of users who wanted a faster but simpler and easier-to-use interface.

“For the event planner, this greatly streamlines the whole process now, because any type of visitor can now be scanned using the system and have the added benefit of having all marketing content readily available to share and to have automated integration with marketing and CRM systems for fast follow-up,” Gillett said.

And that could spell less work – and data compliance headaches – for event planners everywhere!


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