5 Actionable Tips to Prepare Your Events for Worst-Case Scenarios

In 2018, the United States recorded 340 mass shootings and 108 natural disasters (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, severe thunderstorms, wildfires and more), making it feel like emergencies are everywhere. Whether emergencies are more prolific than they used to be or not, the reality is event organizers must be ready for an emergency of any type to occur during their event. As such, emergency preparedness has gone well beyond hiring a team of security guards to stand at the door. 

How Playing Leads to Better Work: Lessons from Disney Innovation Guru Duncan Wardle

We’re all born curious – we came into the world with innate fascination and a desire to explore and experiment. As we get older and our lives are more structured, our creative self often takes a back seat to other life priorities.

As trade show and event organizers, we strive to be innovative, but the creative process is often mired in organizational layers. So the question becomes, how can we be truly creative in the face of personal and professional constraints?