The 20th Guangdong Drinking Water Festival & The 9th China (Guangzhou) International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo 2020

2020-06-03 - 2020-06-05
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Special Event Highlights

Guangzhou International Water Tasting Competition is an important part of The China (Guangzhou) International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo organized by The Fine Water Society. The competition has involved more than one hundred international brands and the judge committees were renowned experts in this field. In 2019, over 60 brands from all over the world participate the three categories "non-carbonated mineral water", "carbonated mineral water" and "flavor mineral water" to competite the awards. The competition has practical guiding significance for the exporters and importers of drinking water industry. 

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Guangzhou Yi Fan Exhibitions Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 202,Yin Yan Building,No.25-27 Yan Ling Road,Tian He District,Guangzhou,China

Ms. Abbey Chow

International Sales Manager

Mobile: 86-13265914628(WeChat, What's app, Skype:zhuzhulin1)

Tel: 86-020-87582732
Fax: 86-020-88527871




The Fine Water Society

Organizer of The Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting

Bottled Drinking Water Association of Guangdong

Bottled Drinking Water Association of Guangxi

Guangdong Nutrition & Health Industry Association

(The above list is in no particular order.)


Co-located Events

The 28th China (Guangzhou) International Health Industry Expo


Exhibition Overview

The growth of the high-end consumer groups lead to new opportunities that benefit China’s high-end drinking water market. As China’s renowned high-end drinking water event, The 9th Guangzhou International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo dedicates to showcase the latest products and technology of the industry. Concurrently held with The 29th China (Guangzhou) International Health Industry Expo (IHE China 2020), the event presents extensive opportunities to all participants to get in touch with prospective business partners in China. It is a must-attend platform for overseas high-end drinking water companies to enter the China market.


Why Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the third largest city in China. It was identified as a Beta World City by the global city index of GAWC, the Globalization and World Cities. Adjacent to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Guangzhou is positioned as an important production base and import and export center in China.

The show venue - China Import and Export Fair Complex(Canton Fair Complex)is the largest exhibition center in Asia, with 1.1 million square meters exhibition area. The complex was modern and well equipped and has easy access to subway, train stations and the airport.

Attendee information

Buyers Categories

Drinks Industry Trade and Retail

Dealer, distributor, importer, franchiser, agent, trading company, high-end drinks store, upscale boutique supermarket, imported food store, Supermarket like Vanguard etc.


Special Channel

Star hotel, bar, western restaurant, golf club, vacation village, health drink chain stores, health club, sanatorium, private club, health management center, enterprises group buying, government special supply, army special supply, trade service institutions, healthy drink chain stores etc.


On-line Channel

High-end drinks online store, wechat business, e-commerce platform, Cross-Border Electronic Commerce etc.


VIP Buyer Groups

Guangdong Food Circulate Association

Guangdong Province Grain Industry Association

Guangzhou City Grain Industry Association

Zhongshan City Grain Industry Association

Dongguan City Grain Industry Association

Zhuhai City Grain Industry Association

Shenzhen Food Industry Association

Huizhou Food Industry Association

Hong Kong International of China Commerce Community Association United

De Cheng Market

San Yi International Food Market

Dong Wang Wholesale Market

Guangdong E-Commerce Industry Association

Guangdong Cross-border E-Commerce Industry Association

Guangzhou Area Catering Trade Association

Guangzhou Western Food Industry Association

Guangzhou Cuisine Association

South China Hotel Purchasing Managers Union

Guangdong Chain Operations Association

Guangxi Supplier Industry Association

Guangzhou Chain Operations Association

Shantou Chamber of Commerce for Supplier of Supermarket

Hosted Buyers


Guangzhou Grandbuy Co.,Ltd.

Vanguard Supermarket Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou Baijia Supermarket Co.,Ltd.

Guangdong Shengjia Supermarket Co.,Ltd.

Dongshan General Merchandise Building Co.,Ltd.

Guangdong Xiyangyang Store Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou Mopark Department Co.,Ltd.

Guangdong Aeon Teem Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou Jiujia Group Likoufu Foodstuff Co.,Ltd.



Zhongmengliang Import & Export Co.,Ltd.

Yamaoka Co.,Ltd. (Japan)

Shenyang Tianmeng Trading Co.,Ltd.


Shantou Jinhuaxing Trading Co.,Ltd.

Shantou Longgucang Trading Co.,Ltd.

Shantou Yili Trading Co.,Ltd.

Shantou Shangpin Trading Co.,Ltd.




Suning Online Store

Cnr Happiness Home Shopping Co.,Ltd..

Guangzhou Sendtou E-commerce Company

Heilongjiang Huipin Shopping Co.,Ltd.

Guangdong Wenshangcheng E-commerce Company



Guangzhou Langham Hotel

Guangzhou Airport Pullman Hotel

Guangzhou Henry Hotel

Guangzhou Nanyuejiayan Catering Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou Nansha Hotel Co.,Ltd.

Guangdong Asia International Hotel

Poly Holidaylnn Hotel

Guangzhou La Perle Hotel

Guangzhou Ramada Pearl Hotel


(The above list is in no particular order.)


Business Matching

4 special business matching meetings

170+ high-quality buyers, including dealers, traders, chain operators, supermarkets, hotels, e-commerce companies, etc

500+ featured exhibitors

1000+ sessions of meetings


Importer/E-commerce Session

Shantou City Purchaser Session

Chain Supermarket Session

Hotel Session

Exhibitor information

Exhibits Categories

Bottled Water Products

Natural mineral water, glacier mineral water, soda water, deep ocean water, natural small molecular group water, natural mountain spring water, maternal and child water, snowmelt water, natural spackling mineral water, aqueous tea immersing, drinking purified water and other drinking water.


Functional Water and Water Machinery

Hydrogen water, low deuterium water, medical mineral water, oxygen cure water, aerobic water, plant water, activity energy water, weak alkaline ionized water, alive water machine, weak alkaline ionized water, fruit flavor water, alive water machine, electrolyte water machine, high-energy reactivating water machine, calciumion water machine, active oxygen water machine, rich hydrogen water machine, frequency spectrum water machine, soda water machine, multi-function water machine, alkaline water machine, nano electrolytic water machine, nano energy water cup, multi-function water cup, health activation cup, magnetized kettle and other healthy drinking water equipment,


High-end Water Related Services

Production equipment, mineral water filling equipment, labeling equipment, water purification equipment, water filtration equipment, water softening equipment, bottle caps, bottle embryo, labels, packaging machinery, packaging containers, packaging design, scientific research institutions, high-end water source project investment unit, etc.

Future dates

2020 Preview

60,000 sqm    Exhibition Area

1,500         Exhibitors

100,000       Visitors Entries

45            Exhibiting Countries

(The above are projected figures.)

Why Exhibiting

  • A large gathering of more than 2,200 brands and 100,000 professional buyers with the concurrent event - The 19th China (Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition and Import Food Exhibition (IFE China 2019), which will connect you easily with industrial counterparts
  • A much more international exhibition will present to you with the synergy brought by IFE China’s strong co-organizer - Informa Exhibitions, which owns a series of flagship events in nutrition & health, food and agriculture industry
  • Cooperation with more than 300 professional media and over 100 mass media will help to spread the exhibition and your products widely in China
  • Telemarketing and email campaigns to 350,000 database to ensure you a sufficient amount of leads onsite
  • Dedicated VIP buyer group promotion and hundreds of matching making meetings will help you reach your key buyers directly
  • More than 40 conferences and special activities to keep you updated of the latest industry information, regulations and development trends in China

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