Emerald Undergoes a Brand and Vision Evolution

February 4, 2020

Emerald Expositions Events today launched a new brand identity, vision, corporate website and formal name change to Emerald Holding, Inc. According to Emerald officials, these changes reflect the company’s evolution and core commitment to building dynamic market platforms that integrate live events, community-relevant content and data-focused solutions into uniquely rich experiences.  

“As our portfolio of events and services has advanced, we have now evolved the Emerald brand to better reflect who we are – a company fully immersed in the industries we serve and committed to supporting the communities in which our customers operate,” said Brian Field, Emerald’s interim president and CEO. 

For example, he continued, Emerald has deep association partnerships in many of its lines of business that allow the company to serve and be participants in the changing nature of our customers’ lives. 

The company also serves as partners to its customers as they navigate choices about their product designs, where they act as sounding boards, said Field, and they work to identify and help bridge opportunities and relationships that might be valuable between our customers whenever we see them. “These kinds of relationships, and/or connectedness within our industries, drive loyalty and enduring business value,” he concluded.

In reflection of Emerald’s new identity and spirit, the company also unveiled new visual and verbal elements, a more streamlined and user-friendly website with enhanced content, and a new corporate logo and brand aesthetic. 

Emerald produces more than 140 events each year across the design, equipment, retail, safety and security, and technology industries.

According to Field, the company’s new identity and vision also support Emerald’s ongoing objective to understand the issues its customers face and develop meaningful solutions to help them overcome challenges and achieve success. 

“Our business is to build our customers’ businesses through experiences that inspire, amaze and deliver breakthrough results,” he said.

Check out Emerald’s new brand and website here


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