New Business Contracts: The Expo Group, Mohegan Sun, CDS and More Sign Deals

January 5, 2018

The holiday spirit extended before and after the new year to the signing of plenty of new contracts for suppliers and venues serving the trade show industry.

The Expo Group will provide event-related services to International Carwash Association as ICA seeks to boost the experience of their attendee, exhibitor and sponsor stakeholders at The Car Wash Show.

The Car Wash Show is the largest convention in its sector, bringing together buyers and sellers from more than 30 countries. The Car Wash Show is ranked No.148 on the Trade Show News Network Top 250 list.

“The Expo Group has the experience and creativity to exceed the elevated expectations of our exhibitors and attendees,” said Eric Wulf, CEO of ICA.

He added, “Their commitment to exhibitor service and the Single Source Solution® as well as advantageous investments make them our ideal partner as we grow our events.”

The Connecticut Marine Trades Association recently signed the first year’s contract of a three-year agreement with Mohegan Sun to host their annual boat show in the all-new Expo Center, which is approaching its final stages of construction at the resort located in scenic Mystic Country, Conn.  

CMTA’s first show at Mohegan Sun will be January of 2019.

With Mohegan Sun’s major convention space expansion, totaling 250,000 square feet and to include within that, a 125,000 sq. ft. Expo Center, 20,000 sq. ft. Earth Ballroom, 15 meeting rooms and 20,000 sq. ft. earmarked for new dining or entertainment space, CMTA joins Barrett-Jackson & United Natural Foods as partners already planning shows in The Mohegan Sun Expo Center.

The expansion is on schedule, with an open date expected for summer 2018.

The Connecticut Marine Trades Association’s trade show is set to begin in January of 2019, and this event will be CMTA’s 50th annual boat show.

SAMPE, the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering has selected Convention Data Services as its new registration partner.

The three-year contract calls for CDS to provide full-service registration, lead retrieval management and integrations, including both membership and housing, for their annual event.

The SAMPE Conference and Exhibition brings together leading companies, engineers, scientists and professionals from throughout the advanced materials and processes industry. The next event will be held May 21–24, 2018 in Long Beach, Calif.

"As SAMPE has grown, so has the need for a registration system that offers more reporting options, segmented communications and a mobile responsive platform. CDS delivered on all three,” said Rosemary Loggia, director of Conferences and Exhibits, SAMPE.

Event technology startup Hubb signed a partnership with ChickTech to provide its event content management solution for ChickTech's 2018 ACT-W National Conference.

Hubb's software will give ChickTech a single location to collect, manage, and market the abstracts, speakers, and sponsors for their conference, saving them two-thirds of the time they would normally spend on those types of tasks, and allowing them to get the event to market 29 percent faster.

"We're big believers in ChickTech's mission and huge fans of their work," said Allie Magyar, CEO of Hubb.

She added, "As the founder of a technology startup, I know firsthand the value of pursuing a technology-based career. I was honored to speak at ACT-W Portland's 2017 Conference and I couldn't be happier that Hubb software will be supporting ChickTech in producing what will be an incredible and important event."

CompuSystems has been selected by PartsBase, Inc. to provide full-service registration, including call center and lead retrieval services, for PBExpo 2018.

PBExpo is a showcase of all the innovation that PartsBase discusses with its members on a daily basis, supplemented by education about these resources to implement in day-to-day business. The inaugural event will be held May 16-17 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

"CompuSystems is steadfast when it comes to building relationships with our clients," said Chris Williams, president of CompuSystems. "We are looking forward to servicing PBExpo, as well as developing a long-term partnership with PartsBase, Inc."

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