Announcements - Call for 2011 TSNN Top 50 Canadian Show Entries, Free TSNN Webinar June 24 on Trade Show Tech Trends

May 31, 2012

Trade Show News Network will be wrapping up its collection of the 2011 TSNN Top 50 Canadian Trade Shows June 14, so if you are a Canada-based show organizer submit your show as soon as possible.

Please click HERE to submit your event.

The 2010 TSNN Top 50 Canadian Trade Shows can be viewed HERE.

The list is culled from show management and data supplied to TSNN, the list represents the top 50 trade shows held last year in ranked by net square footage in Canada.

The top show in Canada in 2010 was the Regina Exhibition Association’s Western Canada Farm Progress Show, with a whopping 1,189,783 net square foot showfloor.

Despite overall negative economic trends, the showfloor grew in 2010 from 969,783 sq. ft. at the 2009 show.

With exactly half the shows on the list coming to the city, Toronto hosted the most TSNN Top 50 Canadian Trade Shows by far, with Montreal coming in next, with seven shows, and Vancouver hosting six shows.

TSNN also will be hosting another free webinar as part of our TSNN Webinar Series presented each month.

June’s webinar, “Tradeshow Technology Trends You Need to Know About", will be held the 28th at 1 p.m. EST and will be presented by Michelle Bruno, TSNN blogger and co-Producer of the EastVirtual Event Workshop.

She also serves on the EIBTM TechWatch Committee – the largest event industry technology competition in the world.

Please click HERE to register.

Technology is changing so fast - it's becoming nearly impossible to keep up. There are global business trends that affect the tradeshow industry.

There are trends within the industry and there are trends within trends that affect the technology decisions tradeshow managers make.

This session will discuss the macro and micro trends in data, digital, mobile, social, wireless and more. Bring your notebooks and sharpen your pencils for an information-packed webinar on what's happening in trade show technology now and in the near future as the industry moves into the next generation.

Attendees will walk away educated about:

  • Three macro technology trends that are impacting global business
  • An update on the big three tech trends working their way through the trade show industry now: virtual, mobile and social
  • A framework for making better trade show technology decisions

Please join TSNN June 28at 1 p.m. EST, click HERE to register to stay on top of the latest trade show technology trends.

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