ASD Market Week Sees 10-percent Surge in Buyer Attendance

August 8, 2016

ASD Market Week’s recent show saw buyer attendance up 10 percent, compared with last year’s August event, with a compound annual growth of 12 percent, compared with the last two years.

“ASD Market Week is the comprehensive consumer goods trade show in United States,” explained Karalynn Sprouse, executive vice president of Merchandise, International Sourcing and Manufacturing Groups for Emerald Expositions.

She added, “We are a one-stop shop for retail store owners, buyers as well as distributors and importers to source, discover and purchase the largest assortment of merchandise from around the globe, all at a price point that garners unprecedented margin building opportunity for their businesses. What’s more, we are the only show that provides free educational seminars and sessions specifically designed to small and medium sized businesses with retail business experts.

ASD Market Week management attributes a number of different factors to their increased numbers. In response to shifting consumer-shopping habits, buyers have begun to attend trade shows with varied purposes.

In order to continue to thrive, ASD Market Week has expanded its product offerings, increased services for exhibitors by launching and continually refining its matchmaking services, including providing pre-show, customized buying guides.

On-site trend-spotting posted live daily kept buyers engaged throughout the show, and a best in class retailer education program organized through the Independent Retailer Conference provided a comprehensive online selling education program.

In addition, key partnerships with groups like Cirque Du Soliel and Lyft brought buyers the total Las Vegas experience

“When buyers come to ASD Market Week, they find great products, learn from the brightest minds and also find the best small business vendors out there today,” Sprouse said. “That means success for their businesses.”

Both buyers and exhibitors are experiencing the benefits of participating in ASD Market Week. “The ASD show gets better every time we come,” said Tommy Brown, Buyer at the Saint Louis Zoo and Vice President of ZAG.

He added, “We literally bought our best-selling item of all time for our store at ASD Market Week; this great mug for the St. Louis Zoo. We have reordered multiple times, and we always find other unique treasures that are surprise sellers every time. ASD is a great show for anyone looking for items that will bring great margins to their bottom line.”

Glenn Auerbach, an exhibitor with The Northwest Co., said that he wrote $250,000 in the first two days of the show, while Eric Liberman from Sun-Staches, who has been exhibiting with ASD Market Week for 12 years said, “This is the best show we’ve ever had! And 80% of my orders were from new accounts.” Exhibitor Thomas Scott of Brusa Distribution shared, “I had sworn off trade shows until I discovered ASD Market Week. The first time I saw it, my mind was blown! We have found so much value in this show, it’s ridiculous!”

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