Bartizan Connects, Core-apps Form Strategic Partnership

September 15, 2016

Bartizan Connects, a provider of lead retrieval and session tracking technology, and Core-apps, technology platform in the events industry, recently formed a strategic partnership to offer comprehensive functionality to their customers, and as reflection of their shared commitment to innovation.

The partnership launched with Bartizan and Core-apps offering each other’s products and services, with plans for future technical integration.

This alliance brings together the companies’ strengths in providing lead retrieval, session tracking and event apps to each of their respective customers and prospects.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Core-apps, the best event app platform in the business,” said Chris Eisenberg, senior vice president of Sales and Business Development, Bartizan Connects. “Together, we can provide event organizers, attendees and exhibitors with the apps they need to be best in class,”

Jay Tokosch, CEO of Core-apps, said the alliance showcases the platform’s elasticity and continued growth with partner extensions.

“Partnering with Bartizan Connects provides the perfect add-ons to our technology,” he added. “Their iLeads and iSessions products are the best in the industry and add more functionality to our mobile app solutions. We know event organizers want the best experience with the least complication and that is what this partnership gives us.”

Bartizan Connects originated lead retrieval for mobile phones with the award‐winning iLeads, the breakthrough and first-to-market lead retrieval app.

The iLeads app captures attendee data and also links exhibitors to secure web-based show reporting software, to identify the best leads in real time.

Bartizan followed that up with iSessions, the highly adaptive session tracking app that allows event organizers to track attendance in real time.

Core-apps is a leader in innovative event technology solutions for the trade show, association and corporate event industry.

Core-apps’ technology powers a suite of comprehensive tools to manage every aspect of an event, convention, trade show or corporate meeting.

This new collaboration of event technology seamlessly integrates with the industry’s top CRMs and database tools.

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