Concept3D Launches Interactive 3D Map of Colorado Convention Center

February 14, 2018

Concept3D, provider of location-based software and 3D services, including 3D modeling, virtual reality (VR), interactive maps and virtual tour software, has launched the Colorado Convention Center’s new interactive 3D map and virtual tour platform.

On the new platform, the CCC’s 584,000 square feet of meeting and event space are mapped in highly detailed 3D renderings atop interactive software, offering event attendees, visitors, employees, exhibitors, vendors and event planners the ability to easily navigate the facility as well as find their way to and from nearby and regional locations.

The immersive multi-floor map platform offers easy wayfinding and navigation along with tools for meeting planners and convention center staff, and offers users the ability to easily explore the CCC’s 63 learning rooms; 14-acre exhibition hall; one of Colorado’s largest ballrooms; the 5,000-seat Bellco theatre; 1,000 parking spaces; light rail station; the largest kitchen in Colorado; an outdoor farm; two neighboring hotels and last but not least, the convention center’s iconic 40-ft. blue bear sculpture.

“Colorado Convention Center is a great example of the flexibility of Concept3D to digitally present spaces, media and data in an intuitive map layout that’s easy to navigate,” said Chris Munz, vice president of business development for Concept3D.

He continued, “Concept3D can be used by visitors, sales and marketing teams and for planning meetings, as well as to highlight all the benefits that a convention center brings to the surrounding area. Built atop Open Street Maps, the Concept3D platform is also a powerful tool for highlighting regional attractions, restaurants and activities that are often critical when meeting planners are deciding where to host their event.”

Along with making it easy for event planners to search for ideal spaces to host their event and for visitors to find parking, handicap accessible entrances and routes, restrooms and concessions, CCC employees can also use the map for myriad uses including communications, sales and marketing, and supporting facilities management and deliveries.

The platform also includes VR-enabled virtual tour capability, built using 360-degree video and panorama photos, features the CCC plans to enable in the future.

“We saw the potential of Concept3D’s platform right away and it was amazing to see our space come to life in a fully interactive 3D map,” said John Adams, CCC general manager. “We know the platform will improve the overall guest and attendee experience, and we’re excited (about) all the ways that we can use it for both internal and external needs moving forward.”

Explore the Colorado Convention Center’s new 3D interactive venue map HERE.

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