Emerald Teams with PrintReleaf Exchange to Track Paper Usage

February 14, 2016

Emerald Expositions has become a certified partner of the PrintReleaf Exchange (“PRX”), the first technology platform to enable cloud-based forest product tracking and reforestation.

This partnership gives Emerald’s magazine brands an innovative and authenticated means of achieving sustainable business practices that reduce the environmental impact that results from the use of forest products, namely trees, to make paper.

PRX partners “releaf,” or reforest, their paper consumption by planting new trees – in an amount equivalent to their paper use – at global reforestation project sites of their choice.

Through PRX’s integration with Global Forest Watch, a platform hosted by the World Resources Institute, PRX partners have access to heat map technology that represents forest loss and gain across the globe, showing them which areas of the planet need trees most.

PRX reforests at a generally accepted rate of 8,333 sheets of paper per tree (as detailed in PRX’s global standard for sustainability).

After selecting where they want their paper releafed, PRX partners use their online portal to track the evolution, growth, and survival of their trees over an approximate eight-year time frame for each tree. Since the launch of PrintReleaf, PRX has releafed more than 77,000 trees.

“As an operator of more than a dozen print trade magazines and directories, this initiative is an important statement about our desire to minimize our impact on the environment,” said Denise Bashem, vice president, Corporate Operations of Emerald Expositions.

She added, “This program will be rolled-out to all our print publications over the next few months, and the environmental value and social impact fit perfectly with our core values.”

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