Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia Lends Support to Queensland Region

August 19, 2012

The Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) recently supported the Queensland region by holding its board meeting and a series of roundtable and networking events at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, which will host the G20 Conference in 2014.

The event drew a turnout of members and stakeholders and followed similar meetings that have been held in Adelaide and Perth as part of the EEAA’s focus on connecting with members around Australia and discussing issues that impact upon member businesses, according to association officials.

EEAA President Matthew Pearce, who also is managing director of Diversified Exhibitions Australia,urged members to become more involved in the association and support the development of the Market Monitor to ensure a true picture of the Queensland industry could be built over time.

“Winning the G20 Conference is further evidence that Brisbane is a global player in the exhibition and events market and the Queensland industry needs to be strongly represented in the association,” Pearce said.

He added, “Given that the majority of EEAA members based in Queensland are national players with clients throughout Australia, there are clear benefits from having a strong voice within the Association.”

 EEAA General Manager Joyce DiMascio said after the meeting that the ideas generated from the member roundtable were extremely valuable.

She added, “Getting this input from the people at the coal face is critical to the work we do on behalf of our Membership.”

DiMascio said, “Our Queensland Members are looking to the association for support in conveying to clients the power of exhibitions as well as encouraging tertiary institutions to include more course content on exhibitions. This is important for the professional development of our industry.”

The events were hosted by EEAA Treasurer Bob O’Keeffe, CEO of Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Among the guests at the cocktail reception after the member roundtable were the head of Business Events Queensland, Sandra Passaro, and director of the Brisbane Convention Bureau, Annabel Sullivan.

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