Hong Kong's Exhibition Growth Eases in 2012

July 8, 2013

Last week, the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Industry Association (HKECIA) released its 2012 Exhibition Survey results which showed slowing growth in Hong Kong’s exhibition industry following consistent high growth in previous years.

According to HKECIA, there were 107 ‘trade’ and ‘trade and consumer’ exhibitions over 2,000 m2 held in Hong Kong during 2011 – slightly down from the 111 exhibitions held in 2011. Based on HKECIA’s survey results, a total of 1,726,693 visitors attended these exhibitions during the year. International and Regional visitors from Asia were down compared with 2011, while visitors from mainland China were up 8.5%.

HKECIA’s survey recorded a total of 59,868 exhibitors in 2012, a slight drop of 1.6% from the 60,817 exhibitors recorded in 2011. Overseas companies exhibiting in Hong Kong increased 3.7%.

HKECIA Chairman Daniel Cheung commented, “Given the difficulties that many companies have faced in recent times, the fact that our Hong Kong exhibition industry has held its ground over the last year is certainly an encouraging outcome. A number of important new exhibitions are bringing new visitors and exhibitors to Hong Kong after a steady year last year. Here at the HKECIA, we’re very optimistic about the current environment, and the direction that the Hong Kong exhibition industry is going in.”

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