How Have Mobile Devices Changed Your Sales Process?

April 10, 2016

At a recent workshop for our clients, we asked attendees what impact mobile devices have had on their exhibits sales processes.

In response, many of them mentioned how having an online contract for their events, specifically one that is responsive to multiple device platforms, has helped sales executives to process transactions anytime and anywhere.

Some show organizers have roaming teams that walk the show floor on the last day of the event, to visit exhibitors that missed their booth selection appointment. With the contract already pre-populated in the system, all that an exhibitor needs to do is select their location on the mobile tablet screen and accept the contract. A confirmation is automatically emailed to them immediately and the whole process takes just a few minutes.

Not only is the online contract a benefit for eventprofs, it is also a huge benefit for exhibitors and sponsors. Along with the ability to review and sign a contract remotely, they can also make payments quickly and securely using their mobile device, even when away from their offices. This helps show organizers minimize past due payments and keep the revenue stream going.

Show organizers leveraging online exhibits contracts agree that the ubiquitous availability of mobile devices coupled with responsive features for exhibitors has drastically decreased the effort needed to consult with exhibitors and to move along the purchasing process.

This is fantastic because signing up exhibitors early in the show cycle allows trade show organizers to focus on building a deeper relationship with their exhibitors as well as focus on delivering a more personalized content and service.

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