LASSO Launches Electronic Signature Solution, Forms Partnership with Atrium

April 24, 2018

Workforce management technology solutions provider, LASSO, has launched LASSO Signature, a new e-signature product that enables customers to electronically complete, review and sign documents from the same system they use to schedule, communicate and manage their workforces.

Designed to help streamline the on-boarding process and simplify on-going policy management, the new solution operates seamlessly with LASSO’s workforce management platform, dedicated to helping companies manage and automate their labor workflows and simplify processes for their crew and staff, according to Angela Alea, president of LASSO.

“Obtaining signatures from crew members that are constantly on the move is a challenge, especially if you rely on manual processes for collecting and managing new hire paperwork and other important documentation,” Alea said. 

She continued, “By gaining the ability to obtain mobile signatures during the on-boarding processes and beyond as policies and documentation change, LASSO customers are able to obtain higher engagement with their crew as well as increased retention.”

With this new solution, customers are able to save time and money during the on-boarding process and after as new policies and documents are created. In addition, the system makes it easy for customers to track the progress of all paperwork, at all times, Alea added. 

“Our goal with LASSO Signature is to streamline that process and make it as painless as possible – on both sides,” she said. “LASSO Signature helps customers establish an exceptional experience for their crew, right from the very start.”

In an effort to provide strategic combined solutions to clients, the company also recently partnered with Atrium, a full-service talent management firm focused on providing contingent workforce solutions.

According to Alea, this partnership supports LASSO’s overall mission to make the management of project-based, mobile talent easier and more dynamic and productive. 

“The contingent workforce in the gig economy continues to rapidly expand, however, this growth comes with many workforce management and compliance challenges – challenges that our customers in the event industry know well because they are operating with mobile talent and many moving parts,” Alea explained.

She added, “By partnering with Atrium, we are able to provide mutual customers with robust and integrated technology solutions for tackling these challenges and simplifying overall processes.”

While workforce compliance continues to be a concern for companies in 2018, it can often be an afterthought in the event management and field marketing space, according to Rebecca Cenni, founder and CEO of Atrium.

“It really should be at the forefront,” Cenni said. “Ensuring event staff are afforded the rights that come along with employee status such timely payment, meal breaks and worker’s compensation coverage, is something that Atrium fully supports.”

She continued, “However, compliance is not the only challenge companies face. Combining the state of the art LASSO platform with our workforce management expertise enables our clients to have the best of both worlds.”

To learn more about LASSO and LASSO Signature, go HERE.

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