Measuring the Success of Your Event’s Mobile App

May 17, 2015

You know that your event’s mobile app forms an integral part of your digital offerings for event participants. But are you wondering how best to measure its success? Here are some key parameters that are recommended for tracking and reviewing your app's performance:

1.       Downloads – This should be the starting point for your analysis. As a next step, and to get a good idea of the reach of your promotional campaign, compare the number of downloads to your event’s total attendance (including exhibitors and speakers), social media followers, unique attendee logins and your investment in the solution.

2.       Return Visits – Keep an eye on the number of return visits and multiple sessions for unique users. An event app’s ultimate goal is to be a handy resource for the participants, and happy users will return frequently to research new additions to your lists as well as to tune into the event updates.

3.       Activity – This is one of the most crucial aspects of your app’s value to event participants as well as sponsors. High number of searches, clicks to listings, unique logins, additions to attendees’ personalized planners and new appointment requests ; all of these indicate the level at which the users are actually engaged with your brand.

4.       Promotion Campaign ROI – Just building is never enough. All digital solutions need to be promoted through smart and strategic campaigns. Be sure to check the open and click rates as well as downloads triggered by your promotional emails and social posts. 

5.       New Registrations – This is something many event organizers neglect to include and monitor in their mobile app. It’s not just the registered attendees who download the app. Many a times, people who are curious about the event or debating registering, also download the mobile app to explore various aspects of the event. Provide a prominent link to the registration site and track it to determine the conversion rate directly from your event’s app.

6.        Reviews & Ratings – Check the reviews and ratings for your app in the app stores to ensure you don’t miss out on your audience’s feedback. Compare the number of high ratings with low ones. Pay attention to both glowing as well as critical aspects of the reviews to gauge what’s working and what’s not.

7.       Survey Responses – Usually, only super happy or unhappy users will take the trouble to write reviews. But once an event is over, many users will willingly answer short surveys to provide feedback on your app’s performance.

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