Montgomery Worldwide Reenters Libyan Market with Two Shows

September 24, 2011

Despite the fact Libyan revolutionary forces still are in the grips of trying to completely take back the country and remove its long-time leader, Moammar Gadhafi, U.K.-based Montgomery Worldwide has monitored developments and decided to reenter the trade show market with two events through its Montgomery Libya Ltd. (MLL) division.

The two shows - ReBuild Libya 2012 and Oil & Gas Libya 2012 – tentatively are scheduled to be held in the first quarter of 2012, according to MLL officials.

MLL is working with the Ministries of the Libyan National Transitional Council (LNTC) to seek their support on the current events, as well as others in MLL’s planned pipeline.

ReBuild Libya 2012 - the International Exhibition and Conference for Libya’s Reconstruction Programme and Oil & Gas Libya 2012 - the International Exhibition and Conference for the Regeneration of Libya’s Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Sector are set to take place concurrently at Tripoli’s international fairground.

These two shows are a part of the MLL exhibition program, which has focused on Libya’s infrastructure and oil and gas sectors each year since 2006.

Both shows will have a conference program and will offer the LNTC the opportunity of laying out its investment and management plans for the country’s reconstruction and future development, as well as bringing professionals from around the world to share their views and experience on infrastructure and energy sector matters, according to MLL officials.

The two shows will provide a showcase of equipment and technology covering, in the infrastructure sector: building & construction, public works & municipal engineering, power & electricity, transport & communications, water & environment, safety & security; and in the energy sector: exploration, production, pipelines, refining and petrochemicals, HSE, and training.

Exhibitors will be international producers and suppliers of equipment, materials, products, technology, consultancy services, management capability and financial expertise appropriate for Libya’s reconstruction and future development plans. 

The exhibitors will be drawn from Europe, North America and Asia through a comprehensive exhibitor promotion program aimed at foreign governments, government export agencies, trade associations and industry, according to MLL officials.

They added that Libyan companies, both manufacturers and import agencies, also will be encouraged to exhibit at both of the shows.

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