New App Tracks Medical Show Giveaways to Comply with Sunshine Act

August 18, 2013

As part of the final piece of the Sunshine Act that went fully into effect Aug. 1, all pharmaceutical, medical device, biological, and medical supply manufacturers have to report to the Health and Human Services (HHS) any "payment or other transfer of value" to physicians, including any giveaways at medical and pharmaceutical trade shows and meetings.

These requirements apply if a manufacturer sells or distributes at least one covered drug, device, biologic or medical supply.

For organizers, it just adds one more layer of data collection, but fortunately, technology company Interatica has that covered.

The company recently introduced the Sunshine Reporter, a portable method to track medical show giveaways.

The Sunshine Reporter data collecting iPad® application scans, collects, and provides a full importable Excel spreadsheet for all onsite giveaways.  

“The new Sunshine Act requires by Aug. 1 that all manufacturers of drugs, devices, biologics, or medical suppliers collect and report payments and other transfers of value to physicians -including giveaways at medical congresses,” said Interatica’s Senior Creative Manager Steven Organ. 

He added, “The Sunshine Reporter offers a portable, simple, and intuitive solution for this very important data to be collected and provided after each show.”

The tool is designed to be used by sales reps or as a standalone application.  To enter badge data someone can either just swipe the badge or use the iPad's built-in, hi-res camera for quick capturing.  Using the company’s proprietary NetID badge swiping technology, users enter their information with minimal effort.  

 The tool also has the ability to track a wide variety of giveaways by selecting different items given to the attendee. Physicians need only scan their badge and provide their physician number (State License, NPI, or DEA number). 

The company collects the data and provides event planners with a cumulative value for each person's giveaways.  There are no complex forms to fill our or complicated menus to navigate through, according to Interatica officials.

For more information on the Sunshine Reporter click HERE.

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