nGage Events Teams Up with Tabor Communications on Big Data Hosted-buyer Event

January 8, 2014

Host-based, invitation-only business event producer nGage Events has partnered with Tabor Communications, a publication producer in the Big Data and Super Computing vertical industries.

As part of the partnership, there will be an event co-produced by Tabor and nGage for Big Data May 20-23 in San Diego.

nGage is known for bringing together leading suppliers with qualified decision makers in an exclusive and intimate environment.

This new event is in addition to two more nGage runs with other partnerships.

One event is produced with NAPCO, InkJet Summit, which is in its second year and will next be held in April at the Ponte Verde Resort and Club, Ponte Verde, Fla.

And the other event is Design Connections, which is a launch and is co-produced with Interior & Sources Publication on tap February 17th-19 at The Island Hotel, in Newport Beach, Calif.

"We are very excited about the future of nGage Events, as we launch into new markets with tremendous growth opportunities. Partnering with Industry leaders like Tabor Communications, NAPCO and Interior and Sources gives us a wealth of knowledge, industry reach and credibility in each of these vertical industries,” said Philip McKay, who is a long-time industry veteran and president and CEO of nGage Events.

He added, "We see so much opportunity for our events by being selective and making sure we work with partners with similar goals and complimentary expertise.”

McKay also said that the hosted model incorporates case studies, 1:1 meetings and premium content from industry leaders and experts.

“It’s a proven model that increases the ROI for both the executive attendees and sponsors alike,” he added.

nGage also produces three other events: M6 Mobility xChange, DataCenter Insights and Wealth Management Insights.

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