Reed Exhibitions China University Focuses on Improving Local Talent Pool

February 21, 2012

Last year was a strong one for Reed Exhibitions Greater China, but the company has its eye on the future, with a focus on ensuring they have trained personnel to fill the ranks.

China is in need of more trained professionals to work in the exhibition industry, and Reed China has made skill-building a priority.

The company’s Reed Exhibitions China University opened six years ago, and the university’s goal is to inspire learning and teach exhibition industry professionals how to achieve greater effectiveness in their work, according to Reed officials.

The university has four learning platforms: the annual Reed Exhibitions China Summit, Reed’s yearly Knowledge Day, Talent Day and regular professional training programs.

The leading organizer of trade events, Reed Exhibitions sees developing talent for the local exhibition industry as an opportunity to promote the advantages of the country and boost inbound trade, according to company officials.

 “More than ever, we are focused on driving training and activities forward. We really want to make the most of China’s growth and the fact that we operate in one of the few optimistic global economies today”, said Preecha S. Chen, president of Reed Exhibitions Greater China.

Reed China also launched its Reed Management Associates Program two years ago and the program was open to highly competitive, recent graduates.

The graduates were given several rounds of selection tests and interviews before being chosen for an extensive training program and they now have quickly moved up the Reed employee ladder.

As this year unfolds, the training program will be explored through a number of development initiatives, a selection of which include sales & marketing effectiveness activities; shared service effectiveness initiatives; talent assessment programs; performance improvement courses; career development and growth seminars; the second installment of the RMAP and various informal activities designed to cater for the personal wellbeing of staff.

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