SourceDirect at ASD Unveils New Website

March 29, 2015

SourceDirect at ASD (SourceDirect) has unveiled its brand new, fully-functional website, sourcedirectshow.com.

The website serves the SourceDirect community as a virtual resource for importers, distributors, wholesalers, sourcing and product development professionals who have, or are interested in, doing business directly with manufacturers around the world.

The new site provides extensive content and 24/7 access to both buyers and suppliers about the SourceDirect show.

Launched in 2013, SourceDirect is a part of ASD MARKETWeek, the largest general merchandise, wholesale trade show in the world.

“Its rapid expansion has been incredible to watch,” said Karalynn Sprouse, executive vice president of Merchandise Group and International Sourcing.

She added, “Last year, we appointed a dedicated international sourcing team to spearhead the development of SourceDirect, and they have made it possible for this show to stand on its own, no longer a section within ASD, but rather an independent show co-located alongside ASD. With the new website, we anticipate a positive response from our customers.”

Camille Candella, vice president of marketing, added, “The website solidifies the show’s independence and online presence. Strategically, it’s one more step in the right direction as well as a promise of continued dedication and expansion from both internal and external contributors.”  

Build to reflect the show’s characteristics, the website mirrors these traits to serve as a continuous support system leading up to, during, and following the semi-annual dedicated show dates.

“Our goal was to design a user-friendly site to make it as seamless as possible to navigate and find information for both buyers and suppliers (domestic and/or international customers),” Candella said. “Keeping in mind that we have customers from all around the world attending our show, we added a language translation drop down menu where you can select one of seven most popular languages spoken at our show”.  

Key website features include attendee and exhibitor registrations, exhibitor listing, factory matchmaking services, seminar schedule, show information, qualification instructions, floor plan, discounted hotel rates, social media gateways, contact information specifically intended to reach the international sourcing team, and so much more.

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