Suntec to Reopen with Hall Upgrades

November 6, 2012

The Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre has unveiled a series of upgrades following its US$147 million makeover. Suntec will reopen its doors May 1 and highlight the upgrades’ ability to provide clients with greater control of their events and budget. The refurbished Suntec will contain a large number of configurable meeting spaces allowing its clients to rent according to their event’s specific requirements. Level 3 of the venue will include 36 configurable meeting rooms, in addition to four configurable exhibition halls on level 4. Free Wi-Fi access will also be available throughout.

Arun Madhok, CEO of Suntec Singapore, said, “In the past, you have a 400 m2 exhibition hall. The client’s event is growing and so a centre says, take another hall, when the client probably needs just 150 m2 more. We are now in position to allow the space to grow with the client. We can give them the shape and the size he needs for his event as it keeps growing.”

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