TCEB Unveils Latest Exhibition-focused Strategies

April 7, 2014

The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) unveiled its 2014 marketing strategy for the exhibition industry, which includes a three-year industry-focused roadmap. TCEB is targeting a 5% increase in the number of MICE travellers for the international exhibition segment to 181,200, and a 10% growth in revenue to US$473 million in 2014.

TCEB identified three key marketing roles in the strategy. As connector/facilitator, the bureau will focus on establishing connections and providing support for the private sector to enable business opportunities. Secondly, TCEB will act as marketer/partner by developing international marketing campaigns and helping to accommodate business needs, and lastly as creator/initiator by identifying and winning new exhibition business opportunities for Thailand.

TCEB has highlighted several industry verticals of specific interest including health and beauty, transportation and automobile, security and safety, and pharmaceuticals among others. The bureau will also provide support to joint ventures between Thailand’s exhibition organisers and foreign corporations looking to expand into the region.

Nopparat Maythaveekulchai, TCEB’s president, said, “The trend of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions as well as strategic partnerships in the exhibition industry from Europe and the USA is rising, in accordance with rapidly growing demand for business opportunities in ASEAN. TCEB is confident that Thailand will be able to attract eight new exhibitions into the country while upgrading 32 existing exhibitions towards high industry calibre, from a total of 83 – 85 exhibitions in 2014.”

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