Top 5 Digital Advertising Trends to Watch

October 6, 2013

Digital marketers need to keep tuned into digital advertising trends to stay ahead of the game. However, with a tremendous amount of data being collected and reported upon, it’s not always easy to keep track of the key trends. We reviewed the most important studies released recently to create this list of the top five digital advertising trends all savvy marketers should stay focused on:

  • Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family, often referred to as earned advertising, are still the most influential. 84% of global respondents across 58 countries to the Nielsen Trust In Advertising survey said this source was the most trustworthy.
  • Paid digital media continues to grow steadily, especially in the retail sector. report from eMarketer says that the US retail industry will spend $9.42 billion this year on paid digital media. By 2017, that number is expected to grow to $13.5 billion, representing a 10.5 percent compound annual growth rate.
  • Desktop Internet advertising continues to grow more rapidly than any of the traditional media.  According to a recent report by ZenithOptimedia, digital ads will be 22% of all US ad spend in 2013. Total Internet advertising—both desktop and mobile—is expected to account for 20.4% of all ad expenditure in 2013, up from 18.3% in 2012, and it is forecast to rise to 24.6% in 2015.
  • Mobile ad spend is rising globally. Total global advertising expenditures in the second quarter of 2013 increased 3.5 percent from a year ago and finished the period at $35.8 billion, according to data released by Kantar Media. Mobile advertising in the United States totaled $3.4 billion during the full year 2012, a 111% increase from the prior year total of $1.6 billion, according to IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report for the year 2012.
  • By 2016, revenue from display advertising (comprising banner ads, video, rich media and sponsorships) will outpace that from search advertising. While display is still the second-largest type of digital advertising, behind search, eMarketer projects that by 2016 display will outpace search.

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