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December 8, 2012

TSNN is pleased to present a another free webinar in its acclaimed series - "Creating a Fascinating Marketplace for Your Attendees" – led by Dana Freker Doody, who is vice president of Corporate Communications for The Expo Group.

The webinar will he held Dec. 13 @ 1 p.m. EST. Sign up HERE.

Attendees have to be wowed. The microwave isn’t fast enough, the car crash news isn’t gory enough, and their football team isn’t smashmouth enough. So how can your show be fascinating enough to create an event they not only remember, but with which they want to engage over and over? Dana has learned a lot from the fastest-growing show managers honored recently at the T-awards about doing something right, so let’s explore what that is and discover how to replicate, reduce, recycle and invent fascinating experiences for your attendees.

Attendees will learn:

  • What it means to be fascinating
  • Why they would want to be fascinating
  • How to discover what their attendees think is fascinating
  • When creating fascinating experiences worked for other organizers 


Molly A. Mérez, Ph.D. Executive Director, Ticket Summit

Alicia A. Balonek, CEM Sr. Director Trade Shows & Events IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries


Dana Freker Doody is Vice President of Corporate Communications for The Expo Group where she oversees in-house and client-side programs, including the production of hybrid events engaging virtual audiences with social media channels and educational content direct from the trade show floor. A 10-year veteran of The Expo Group, Dana helps drive the company’s service promise pulling from previous experience at Disneyland, brings communications knowledge from her days at The Dallas Morning News and rebels against the status quo thanks to … well, we are not really sure.

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