Want to Know Where Your Shuttle Bus Is? Event Transportation Systems Has an App for That

January 16, 2018

Event Transportation Systems, a shuttle transportation management company for corporate and association meetings, conferences and conventions, has released its latest web-based versions of the ETS-Next-Shuttle app and ETS-Shuttle-Tracker transportation management software.

These next-generation transportation management and monitoring tools, which use proprietary GPS-enabled technology, were unveiled Jan. 8 at the PCMA’s annual Convening Leaders conference in Nashville.

“We created these technology tools because the modern meeting planner needs instant access to information and the modern attendee needs to understand their transportation options,” explained Eric Hotard, president and CEO of ETS.

He continued, “Planners need to know where their shuttles are, communicate with drivers instantly, and be able to monitor bus routes and capacities. This enables real-time decision making, something that’s crucial for successful meetings. Attendees want to know where shuttles are picking up and dropping off, and what time they’ll arrive. We’ve taken these problems and created modern solutions with the ETS-Next-Shuttle and ETS-Shuttle-Tracker apps.”

Now capable of being used on any device, the ETS-Next-Shuttle transportation app provides attendees with:

  • Map-based views of vehicle locations, shuttle stops and shuttle routes
  • Real-time information on pick-up times at their hotel or meeting venue
  • Instant alerts about schedule changes
  • Integrated advertising that can be used for revenue generation

For transportation management, the benefits of the ETS-Shuttle-Tracker for transportation management include:

Designed to help transportation staff manage shuttle operations behind the scenes, the ETS-Shuttle-Tracker transportation management software uses GPS devices mounted in vehicles for drivers and an admin interface for shuttle system managers.

The ETS operations team uses ETS Shuttle Tracker to:

  • Monitor vehicle locations at all times
  • Communicate instantly with drivers
  • Get real-time information on passenger load and bus capacity
  • Create route layers on maps that can be adjusted in real-time
  • Provide automated ridership reports to meeting planners for future transportation planning purposes

“As a leading transportation provider for conferences and events, we recognize the importance of being a partner, not just a vendor,” Hotard said. “That’s why we invest our resources into technology like ETS-Next-Shuttle and ETS-Shuttle-Tracker.”

He continued, “It’s our mission to provide the best service to both meeting planners and attendees. Modern transportation is mobile-enabled, providing convenience at your fingertips, and we are committed to staying current with these trends.”

To learn more about ETS-Next-Shuttle and ETS-Shuttle-Tracker, go HERE.


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