2017-09-19 - 2017-09-22
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Produced by FPSA, PROCESS EXPO is the nation’s largest trade show dedicated to bringing the latest technology and integrated solutions to all segments of the food and beverage industry. Processors gain a competitive advantage with the innovative technology on the show floor, where food processing and packaging experts demonstrate their machines and products. Both veterans and those new to food and beverage processing get training on food safety, trends, leadership, and more.

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The Promises of a Proven Show: In addition to networking with the large national companies, you’ll meet decision makers, R&D professionals, engineers, scientists, sales and marketing professionals, and more from small to large processing companies as well as contract manufacturers and suppliers who know your business and how to help you improve profits. Attendees have access to the nation’s largest collection of equipment manufacturers focused on food and beverage processing. Featuring a premier education program focused on today’s most critical challenges including a special track on food safety and hygienic design. A newly designed trade show floor will allow you to navigate easily and find the exhibitors you need to see. In addition, you’ll have access to hundreds of suppliers who will display new equipment and the latest technology in food and beverage processing and packaging. Suppliers have solutions that can be applied to many or all of the food and beverage sectors—you never know what you may find that could increase your efficiency and expand your revenue streams. You’ll be part of a cross-section of attendees across all sectors of the food and beverage industries and from all over the globe (bakery, beverage, confectionery, dairy, meat, poultry, seafood, prepared foods, fruits and vegetable, grains, snacks, and more including pet foods, baby foods, and gourmet foods) who you can network and exchange ideas with. A convenient and modern location with a lot of amenities will keep you connected and engaged during your entire stay.
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The Right Event for Your Investment: PROCESS EXPO will bring you face-to-face with top decision makers from some of the world’s most successful food and beverage companies. You’ll meet new contacts you couldn’t get in front of before and solidify relationships with current customers. With thousands of processors with purchasing authority in attendance, you will generate far more qualified leads in four days at PROCESS EXPO than in four weeks of sales calls on the road…at a far more economical price. PROCESS EXPO stages in the fall, the perfect time for your customers to attend and when they are ready to make purchases that sync with their budget cycles.

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