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Here at Mandalay Bay, venues are inviting and innovative. As one of the most iconic names on the Las Vegas Strip, the Mandalay Bay Convention Center has recently undergone an exciting upgrade. This renowned venue now offers everything your business needs, with a refreshed convention space designed to inspire productivity and creativity, as well as an impressive selection of world-class restaurants and amenities. If you're searching for a venue that is both inviting and innovative, Mandalay Bay is the place to be. Mandalay Bay is committed to investing in a new wave of enhancements, not only in the convention space but also throughout the entire resort. With new restaurant openings and remodels, spectacular entertainment, and updated rooms, Mandalay Bay promises to deliver new and exciting experiences to its guests until 2024. To create a truly effective conference venue, Mandalay Bay has carefully considered what businesses require. The right technology, capacity, and inspiration are essential to take ideas to the next level. The refreshed Mandalay Bay Convention Center has been designed with your business in mind. Every room is equipped with newly-upgraded technology, enhancing our ability to support bandwidth demand and overall data capabilities. Additionally, the addition of 10 new digital walls provides bigger and more dynamic ways to display customized content messages. Mandalay Bay offers world-class conference space and service. The venue options range from ballrooms to ample pre-function spaces, catering to teams of any size while accommodating multiple large groups simultaneously. Our certified planners work collaboratively with you to understand your specific event requirements, anticipating your business needs and offering the best-fit solutions. In addition to providing exceptional conference facilities, Mandalay Bay is also dedicated to sustainability. We strive to give our guests an unforgettable experience while minimizing our impact on the environment. As part of our sustainable energy efforts, you'll find refillable water stations throughout the property, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles and reducing unnecessary plastic usage. Mandalay Bay is proud to offer an upgraded and enhanced experience for businesses seeking a venue that combines innovation, convenience, and sustainability. Whether you're hosting a conference, meeting, or other business event, Mandalay Bay's refreshed convention space, world-class service, and commitment to sustainability make it the ideal choice. Come and discover the new wave of experiences awaiting you at Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas Strip. Wherever your organization is going, getting there starts with being here.
Sep 27, 2023
Artificial intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly been a hot topic of many event and conference agendas lately, but are we missing a trick?  There is no doubt that there have been significant advancements in AI technology and how it can support event businesses with marketing content, matchmaking and transcriptions, for example. However, one area is being overlooked: data and insight.  Exhibit managers and trade show organizers have faced a significant challenge over recent years: grappling with the overwhelming amount of data generated by their events and online activities, and knowing what to do with these data reservoirs they are collecting. Finding ways to analyze this data or hiring the right people to understand it has been no easy task. At its most basic level, this could mean manipulating various spreadsheets from registration data to sales and prospect data into your organization’s CRM. Taking it up a level, you may be delivering online and in-person events, collating potentially thousands of records of interaction from badge scans to dwell time online. The amount of data is endless.  There is a lot of potential data to process and it's coming from everywhere. So, what do you do?  Step 1: Aggregate your data  Using a universal data connector, powered by AI, you can integrate the data from your event tech stack to be aggregated, cleaned and enriched into a single platform, which will quickly and efficiently end the need for you to hire your own analyst or learn how to code to bring your data together in a cohesive manner.  AI fixes the mess of your multiple data points, eliminates duplicate records, fixes misspellings and cleans demographics across years’ worth of data. Doing this saves you hundreds of hours and means you no longer need one central supplier, and you can provide the right experience for your events, whichever platform is best for the audience. Step 2: Analyze and find your report Once your data is in one place, the fun part begins. AI can help you analyze and interpret this information for a far more profound understanding of event performance than ever before.  Through event technology tools such as Bear Analytics Bear IQ platform, you can do what you do almost every day: use Google-style questioning to find the results you want, for example, "show me a profile of our first-timers" or “view exhibitor performance” simply by searching churn rates or upgrades and downgrades near instantly.  You'll get your results from multiple data sources in seconds, without the manual process of having to work out which spreadsheets you need to look at or how they are connected to your data sources.  AI-driven analytics and reporting tools also make it easier for exhibit managers and trade show organizers to optimize their events year-on-year and can provide valuable insights into how people interact with the event, what they spend money on, how long they stay and more. We haven't even touched on the potential of predictive analytics! Unlock the real value of events with AI-powered event intelligence Using AI in event analytics and reporting saves time and helps generate valuable insights and predictive analytics into customer behavior and preferences that would otherwise be lost in the chaos. Don’t miss any event-related news: Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter HERE, listen to our latest podcast HERE and engage with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!