E3 Expo May Be Headed Out of Los Angeles for Its 2013 Show

June 5, 2012

E3 Expo has made its home in Los Angeles for the majority of its 18-year existence, but with a construction project looming and concerns of how it may or may not impact existing shows, the video game convention has yet to resign a contract to bring the show back next year.


"We are in negotiations to ensure E3 continues to be a best-in-class and invaluable experience for our members, exhibitors and attendees,” said Rich Taylor, senior vice president of Communications and Industry Affairs for the Entertainment Software Association, the show’s owner.


He added, “There are several areas that still need to be resolved, and we need the city to fully appreciate the value E3 brings to Los Angeles.”


The show, which is currently running June 5-7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, attracts approximately 45,000 attendees and 200 exhibitors.


E3 Expo has a significant economic impact on the city of Los Angeles and books nearly 30,000 hotel rooms downtown annually.


The proposed construction at the center includes demolition of the West Hall, where a stadium will be built, and a new hall will be built adjacent to the center’s South Hall.  


This year’s E3 Expo has several large exhibitors in the West Hall, including Sony Computer Entertainment America, Nintendo and Microsoft, and the majority of exhibitors are located in the South Hall.


An official statement by Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board officials said, “Los Angeles officials and the organizers of the Entertainment Software Association’s E3 Expo, which is currently taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, are in negotiations about next year’s show.


The statement continued, “L.A. officials are confident that the city and the show’s organizers will come to a mutually acceptable resolution to ensure that a successful E3 2013 will take place in LA.”


ESA did not comment on where the show will be headed if it does leave L.A. next year.


However, Taylor added, “The video game industry is growing and reaching scores of millions of consumers around the world, and the show is growing to reflect this energy and passion. We hope the city can recognize this fact and work with us to resolve areas of concern."

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