Exhibit Surveys Releases White Paper on How Show Organizers Can Partner More Strategically with Exhibitors

June 4, 2014
Exhibit Surveys Releases White Paper on How Show Organizers Can Partner More Strategically with Exhibitors alt

Exhibit Surveys, Inc., the leading provider of research, measurement, and consulting services for the exhibition and event industry, released a new white paper, “How Anchor Exhibitors Plan, and How Organizers Can Benefit,” by CEO and president Skip Cox.

The white paper highlights how show organizers can deliver more value by better enabling exhibitors to achieve their strategic objectives. 

By improving their understanding of anchor exhibitors’ event marketing strategies, including how they select shows, make investment decisions, project and calculate ROI (Return On Investment), and approach lead generation and follow-up, the organizer deepens relationships with these anchors, increasing the likelihood of the event’s continued success.

As an example, Cox described how one Exhibit Surveys client approached the challenge.  This industry association appointed a “vice president of strategic accounts” who learned about exhibitors’ needs, and then shared meaningful show‐related and industry‐specific information that contributed to improving exhibitor results. 

The association worked with Exhibit Surveys to measure the top‐line performance of more than 25 of the show’s largest exhibitors and presented these results to corporate event managers and key executives. 

By doing so, the association assumed the role of a partner, providing very strategic information that engaged the interest of top executive management.

“The issues to be better understood are not limited to the very tactical problems facing the exhibit managers,” Cox said.

He added, “Instead, it’s the key pressures that are keeping the executive management of these exhibiting companies up at night.  Having a deeper appreciation of these customers will enable organizers to position their events within the context of the exhibitors’ strategic objectives, thereby paving the way for the organizers to deliver more value to this relationship.”

To download the free white paper, click http://www2.exhibitsurveys.com/l/31042/2014-05-22/4tcc7

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