Five Must Have Elements on Your Event’s Home Page

September 1, 2013

Based on our experience at a2z and the requests from our clients and end users, we have found that the following five items enhance the user experience when using any event website.

  1. Social media icons

Including social media links on your home page allows your fans and users to spread the word about the event.  This link to the user also allows show management to continue the conversation with the user. The National Association of Elementary School Principles showcases their social media links nicely.

  1. Video

The use of video on your homepage allows you to condense important and informative information into a small space and it increases the engagement between you and the user. Early on in the show cycle the video may show highlights from last year’s event, like Natural Products Expo West has done. And as you get closer to the show your video may showcase special events, exhibitor and attendee tools, and speakers.

  1. Contact info

Placing your contact info on the home page is imperative to decreasing or eliminating frustration for the user. If they are looking for your contact information then their needs are already not being met by the website. Make it easy for them to reach you and get what they need.  AAPEX places their contact information clearly in the footer of the page.

  1. Key action item

There is always plenty to tell attendees and exhibitors, but adding all to the home page can be overwhelming and ineffective.  Choose one key action item, which can be changed often, that is given top placement on your website. ‘Register Now’ is often the most important action item in the latter end of the show cycle. AAPEX and Natural Products Expo West make this clear.

  1. Testimonial

Build trust with your users by including a testimonial from an exhibitor, attendee or partner. The success of others is very powerful in motivating others.




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