Freeman Launches New Products to Enhance Attendee Engagement

November 11, 2019

Event organizers today are using digital tools to provide better end-to-end experiences. Attendees expect convenience along with accurate, real-time information and crave two-way conversations, says Danielle Puceta, Freeman’s senior vice president of digital.

These are the main drivers for Freeman’s new Explore, Luminate and Fluent digital products. The offerings are designed to help event marketers increase and enhance attendee engagement.

Explore by Freeman

Explore is a set of packaged immersive products that help brands showcase their products and tell their stories in multisensory, eye-catching ways that go beyond the traditional event experience. These offerings make it easier and more accessible for Freeman clients to incorporate technologies like AR and VR into their events.

Explore products fall into three categories:

  • Spatial Experience — Immersive 360-degree virtual reality and augmented reality environments
  • Shareable Experience — Unique experiences with concrete takeaways featuring celebrities and user customization
  • Showcase Experience — Provide interactive information to allow attendees to explore physical products in new, deeper ways

Luminate by Freeman

Luminate offers interactive and visually captivating digital display products with easy-to-use navigation. Real-time features give organizers the flexibility they want and attendees the information they need, when they need it.

Fluent by Freeman

Fluent is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant that helps organizers answer attendee questions immediately and across multiple mediums including voice, text, web and social platforms. Last year, Freeman offered Fluent to select customers as a cutting-edge chatbot solution, and won the 2019 UFI Digital Innovation Award.

With new features like an easy-to-use content management system (CMS), Fluent allows customers to easily configure a chatbot on multiple channels and visualize their data in real time. Today, Fluent is the only chatbot CMS that can configure a chatbot on web, mobile and voice. Event marketers can use Fluent to improve customer service, drive attendance, sell exhibitor and sponsor space and engage attendees on-site. 

Use Only What You Need

Customers can utilize these technologies individually or together, depending on their event’s needs. Freeman works closely with its clients to determine the best fit. And the Fuzion by Freeman integration engine can be used to integrate Explore, Fluent and Luminate into customers’ existing technology stacks.

“When you work with Freeman, you’re not getting a vendor, you’re getting a partner who works alongside you to ensure that you have the right solutions in place and that your event is a success,” says Puceta. “We provide a consultative approach alongside our support to ensure that the client gets exactly what they need and that the technology is executed flawlessly.”

She adds, “There may be other solutions like these to choose from, but the differentiators that we take pride in are our commitment to quality and service, and our 92 years of event experience. We specialize in live experiences - through both physical and digital mediums - and we will do what it takes to ensure that you have the right solutions for your event and that they are executed flawlessly.”

Puceta also stresses that Freeman works with clients of all sizes, making it possible to deliver a show-stopping experience even without an enterprise budget.  

For more information on Freeman’s digital engagement tools, sign up for the “Dare to Go Digital” webinar, which will be held November 14 at 12:00 p.m. CST. The webinar will be recorded for any registrants who are not able to make the live session. Register here.


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