PMMI's Expo Pack Mexico Sells Out Exhibit Space

June 4, 2012

The Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute’s Expo Pack Mexico has sold out all of its exhibit space in advance of the June 26-29 event at Centro Banamex in Mexico City.

The 193,800 net square feet-plus showfloor will be approximately 10-percent larger than 2011, featuring 910 exhibitors from 26 nations, according to show officials.

“Packaging and processing are functions of companies all over the world, and the increasingly global nature of EXPO PACK México reflects that reality,” said Jose Martinez, director of PMMI’s Latin America office.

He added, “We are also expecting 25,000 attendees, from 30 nations.”

There also will be 10 international pavilions, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Guatemala, Peru, Spain, Taiwan and the United States.

“Global sourcing and global production are realities for companies that produce any number of products, from baked goods to pharmaceuticals,” Martinez said.

He added, “And total systems solutions are critical.”

Pavilions on the showfloor are grouped into attendee’s needs, according to show officials.

Here is a sampling of what will be available:

The PROCESA Pavilion will feature the latest developments in processing machinery and technology for the fruit and vegetable, beverage, dairy, meat, poultry, seafood, frozen and preserved foods industries all in one designated area.

Exhibitors who want to stress their sustainable products and services will be in the EXPO PACK Verde Pavilion.

Sponsored by the Mexican Packaging Association (AMEE), the Innovations Pavilion spotlights the winners of the Envases Estalares Awards and Sustainable Packaging Awards.

Three days of educational programming also will be a part of the event, featuring topics such as Practical Aspects of Sustainability, Trends in Design, Machinery and Consumers and Product Safety/Consumer Protection.

“AMEE has assembled an impressive group of experts discussing timely subjects,” Martinez said.

He added, “Each day, visitors will hear the latest information from major companies including Eastman Chemical, Walmart México, PMMI, Nielsen Mexico, Mintel and Tetra Pack.”

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