Reed Exhibitions' Mike Rusbridge Addresses Managers at China Summit 2012

January 25, 2012
Evidence of Reed Exhibition's global expansion plan is likely the strongest in China, where the company currently has six member companies: Reed Exhibitions China, Reed Sinopharm, Reed Huabo, Reed Huaqun, Reed Exhibitions (Shanghai) and Reed Guanghe. Managers from all of those member companies recently were brought together at the Reed Exhibitions Greater China 2012 China Summit. Every year, the one-day conference, which takes place in Beijing, brings together executives from the top echelons of Reed worldwide with the company's senior managers in China. This year, Reed Exhibitions' chairman and CEO, Mike Rusbridge, used his keynote address to discuss Reed China's focus for 2012. In his speech, Rusbridge said that, despite the worldwide economic downturn, he felt China was in good health, and the Reed portfolio in particular was doing well. He also referenced Reed China's new International Promotion Program (IPP), an initiative launched in 2011 to increase global content at local shows through a streamlined sales and marketing strategy. Following the introduction of the IPP, non-Chinese visitors to Aluminium China, the company's aluminum trade fair, for example, jumped 76 percent. By applying the IPP program to more shows, Rusbridge said there would be additional growth in the portfolio. He also told the audience that he felt China had outgrown the tag of モemerging economyヤ, adding, モChina is a world-leading economy. I think when we in the West refer to it as emerging, we are talking about maturity, not growth.ヤ One of the core programs that Rusbridge said he felt set Reed apart in China was the fact they utilized an International Sales Group that specialized in bringing customers from a diverse range of economies to local Reed events. He added, モBecause ISG employs local talent, the staff understands the cultural considerations, as well as the commercial concerns of the regions in which they work. The important message I want to give you is that, although we're a global business, we are actually a network of local teams developing local markets.ヤ To further strengthen the company's business in China, it also will introduce sector development managers to Reed operations worldwide. モIn 2012, we will continue to innovate, rather than simply consolidate a strong position,ヤ Rusbridge said. モWe won't settle for being a key player in mature markets, or having a leading position here in China. Rather, we want to sharpen our competitive edge by achieving fast, smart growth across a diverse range of sectors by recruiting talented, experienced people to help us make the most of new opportunities.ヤ He closed his address by adding, モBy 2014, one third of our business will come from high-growth emerging markets. Over this year, and the next, China will have a critical local role to play in helping us to achieve this global ambition.ヤ

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