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December 20, 2018

Meeting scheduling can be the bane of an event planner’s existence. Anyone who has ever tried to coordinate multiple schedules in order to book meetings or demos at trade shows or conferences knows how difficult it can be – the phrase “herding cats” springs to mind. 

It’s equally difficult to show the value of these meetings and how they influence sales pipeline and revenue generation. Jifflenow aims to solve both of these problems with its meeting automation platform (MAP).

“Enterprises are looking beyond lead generation at events and have been asking for solutions to influence revenue opportunities by increasing the number and quality of strategic B2B meetings,” said Hari Shetty, Jifflenow founder and CEO.

Increasing Engagement Through Automation

Automation is a key driver behind many types of software adoption these days. Automating business processes reduces the amount of time staff need to spend on tasks, decreases the risk of error and increases overall productivity and efficiency. In the case of MAP software, that means automation of workflows associated with meetings: scheduling, management, analysis and follow-up. 

Effectively, a comprehensive MAP should eliminate the hassle that comes with scheduling meetings manually or through a semi-automated process. Equally importantly (and perhaps more important in the mind of the CMO who needs to show return on investment), it should increase the number and quality of strategic meetings that advance sales cycle or business outcomes.

Shetty stated that from Jifflenow’s observations, using MAP software like Jifflenow Event Meetings can increase the volume of B2B meetings between 40-200 percent for enterprise customers. 

Jifflenow increases engagement by putting the necessary information at the fingertips of all relevant parties. The planner has access to a central meetings calendar. Sales reps can set meetings without worrying if someone else is already using the meeting room that has the demo machine in it. 

Going Beyond Simple Scheduling

The platform goes beyond simple scheduling. Documents specific to each meeting can be easily uploaded and shared in meeting invitations. Emails and surveys can be created and sent. In essence, details can be customized to ensure everything runs smoothly onsite – and that people are followed up with after the event. 

Planners can see everything they need in a visual dashboard view that includes check-in summaries, survey responses, meeting types and any influenced revenue associated with each meeting or customer. Reporting templates are built in, but planners can also build their own to get exactly the information they need. 

“Jifflenow took my team from spreadsheets and calendar conflicts to an automated, quick and easy process of scheduling and managing sales meetings,” said Michele Feria, senior global marketing manager at Silicon Labs. 

She added, “Jifflenow has saved my Sales and Marketing teams many hours of time and stress. Jifflenow Event Meetings is easy to use, requires little training and the on-demand reporting feature allows us to track ROI.”

In November, Jifflenow launched three add-ons to improve event workflows and reporting:

  • Jifflenow Staff Scheduler organizes the management of hundreds of staff resources at events through the ability to create agendas, manage workgroups and schedule staff to activities and locations. 
  • Jifflenow Mobile App, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, brings Jifflenow’s key features to iOS and Android devices to schedule and manage meetings on-the-go or on the show floor.
  • Jifflenow Meeting Insights provides an analytics dashboard for in-depth reporting on influenced revenue by event, room utilization, leaderboards, trending topics, total hours in meetings and more.

Integration Enables Full-Funnel Marketing

The ability to connect to the rest of the marketing and sales technology stack is also key to the success of any event technology today. Ravi Chalaka, CMO of Jifflenow, says that integrating with all of the components that comprise an event-related business ecosystem is a high priority for the company. 

The platform integrates with Salesforce, Marketo, event registration and badge scanning software to streamline the entire event process and enable full-funnel marketing and lead tracking. Chalaka noted that the platform’s Salesforce integration is completely seamless — customers can schedule a Jifflenow meeting directly from within

Jifflenow is used by corporations including Accenture, Appirio, Citrix, Dell EMC, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Salesforce and SAP. The company also offers a solution specifically designed for Executive Briefing Centers. 

To learn more about Jifflenow or to schedule a demo, go HERE.


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