Social Media Rules the GRAMMY Awards

February 2, 2014

This past Sunday the GRAMMYs aired on CBS and if you were on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or Instagram at the time you were bound to see discussions and images covering the performances, outfits, and winners. 

GRAMMY.com recently announced, “Music’s biggest night is TV’s biggest social event of the 2013-2014 season with a record-breaking 34 million social media interactions.” This is an event manager’s dream! 

You, too, can achieve spectacular success on social media for your event! The GRAMMYs started promoting their social media channels long before the night of the awards ceremony. Leveraging commercials, videos, and user engagement on their social media pages, the GRAMMYs team promoted the hashtag #GRAMMYs weeks before the start of the event.

They didn’t just mention the hashtag and social media pages just once. You, too, will want to repeat and repeat and repeat your hashtags to your audiences so that these stick with them.

You don’t want them to have to go searching or worse, use the wrong tags. The viral effect works best if everyone is tuning into one stream-lined conversation thread. 

The work doesn’t stop once your event starts. This can be the most crucial time for you to be active on your social media sites. You will want to interact with your audiences’ tweets, posts, and images - Reply, Repost, and Repeat. Grammy,com made it easy for fans to follow the social activity with multiple social media feeds on their website.

Make it fun! Social media is naturally a more relaxed marketing medium than others.  Even the most buttoned-up events can have a little fun. Use contests, special access to inside information, and recognition with onsite tweet and photo walls to engage your audience.

If you watched the GRAMMYs, you may have seen the social media photo booth backstage. The performers were having a great time snapping their photos with each other and broadcasting them on social media.

This concept is very much like a2z’s ChirpE Photo Booth that allows for attendees to snap their photo with an iPad, type a testimonial, and then it’s instantly posted to the event’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

A smart solution like this takes all of the work out of posting for the user (this can increase social media activity especially if your audience is less technically savvy). Attendees can quickly share, comment, like and retweet their photo to their fans, friends, and colleagues.

The extra time and work you devote to social media marketing can reap huge benefits for your event, its sponsors, exhibitors and attendees as proven by the GRAMMYs.

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