Tradeshow Technology Trends You Need to Know About

June 23, 2012

On June 28th, Michelle Bruno will be presenting a TSNN webinar on Tradeshow Technology Trends You Need to Know About.  Michelle is an TSNN blogger and Co-Producer of the EastVirtual Event Workshop. She also serves on the EIBTM TechWatch Committee – the largest event industry technology competition in the world.


Technology is changing so fast – it’s becoming nearly impossible to keep up. There are global business trends that affect the trade show industry. There are trends within the industry and there are trends within trends that affect the technology decisions trade show managers make.


I asked Michelle to highlight some of the information she will be sharing with us.  She responded with these points which she will be covering:


  • 1. A discussion regarding the number of technology trends outside the industry that we should be looking at including:  Big Data, Social Discovery, Social Collaboration.
  • 2. Assessing the top three industry technology trends (mobile, social, virtual) and what’s happening within those three areas. For example, I’ll talk about the direction that mobile apps have taken, what organizations are doing with social media and the micro-trends within virtual event platforms.
  • 3. Finally, addressing some key issues around the proliferation of technology:
  1. - The need for a technology strategy for organizations and what it might look like
  3. - What the proliferation of technology has done to event organizers
  5. - What technology must do to be considered worthy of investment

Michelle’s goals for the webinar is  to help participants:


  • 1. understand what their technology options are
  • 2. provide a framework for wrapping their arms around the many “flavors” of technology
  • 3. recognize the tremendous growth in the number of tools and platforms available


I will be in attendance for sure and encourage you to do the same.  Once again, the registration information is here.


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