TSNN Webinar: Sustainable Trade Shows - Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good

August 18, 2014

Trade Show News Network will be offering another complimentary webinar in its well-regarded series – “Sustainable Trade Shows: Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good”.

The webinar will be held Aug. 21 at 1 p.m. EST and you can register HERE.

Trade shows are often seen as one of the highest producers of waste and carbon in the event world. They are also known for heavy energy consumption of electricity, water and fuel for transportation.

Today, trade show organizers and exhibitors can risk their corporate image if their audience perceives them as not being good stewards of the planet.

Trade shows are valuable and corporate social responsibility is an additional opportunity for both organizers and exhibitors alike to shine in their public’s eye (while still experiencing profitability.)

Moderator:  Nancy J. Zavada, CMP is a leader, innovator, and entrepreneur in the meeting planning and events industry. Ms. Zavada is principal of MeetGreen, a sustainable conference management and consulting firm she founded in 1994.

Guest Panelists: John Mikstay, CEM, CSR-P, ACSAP, Manager, Assurance Services, iCompli Sustainability for BPA Worldwide, Lindsay Arell, the Sustainability Director for Colorado Convention Center & Kenji Haroutunian Vice President at Emerald Expositions (formerly Nielsen) oversees all properties and P&L for Outdoor Retailer.

Webinar Attendees Will Learn:

·         What the issues are in sustainable expo management

·         Who is responsible

·         What the APEX/ASTM Standards require

·         Should you use “the carrot or the stick” to get exhibitors to comply

·         Top tips from the experts on rolling out your sustainability plan

·         Telling the sustainability story

·         Creative ways to be profitable

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