U.S. News & World Report Will Launch Hospital of Tomorrow Conference

March 25, 2013

The U.S. News & World Report will launch the Hospital of Tomorrow conference, focusing on critical challenges facing the future of the hospital industry, which will be held Nov. 4-6 in Washington, D.C.

Medical experts, healthcare visionaries and hospital executives  will have several issues to discuss, including uncertainty that surrounds the Affordable Care Act, a shifting patient population, soaring costs, increasing payer and regulatory demands, and the impact of rapidly expanding technological innovation, to cite a few.

"The US News Health team is the ideal group to lead this event. We're assembling a team of the most respected, insightful and influential hospital executives to help us produce Hospital of Tomorrow and we're thrilled to be working with US News once again,” said Vinnie Polito, managing director of VP International, which will be the organizer of the new conference.

VP International also manages U.S. News & World Report’s STEM Solutions event.

Held in D.C., where policy-making and hospital management intersect, Hospital of Tomorrow “will focus on spotlighting pioneering strategies and finding optimal solutions to help hospital leaders navigate healthcare’s altered landscape,” according to event organizers.

U.S. News & World Report is known for its industry rankings. For 23 years, U.S. News, through data-supported analysis, has identified and ranked the best hospitals in the country.

The new event is an extension of the media company’s “Best Hospitals” mission, and it will reflect the views, vision and high standards of the nation’s finest medical facilities, says Brian Kelly, Editor and Chief Content Officer of U.S. News.

 “The ‘Best Hospitals’ crowd is made up of people who are on the cutting edge of medicine’s trends—in technology, personnel, patient care, finance,” Kelly said.

He added, “These top professionals and other visionaries will be well represented at the summit, and we’re planning to draw heavily on their expertise and leadership to ensure a premier event.”

Organizers said they expect Hospital of Tomorrow will attract top-level healthcare executives from across all disciplines - CEOs, CIOs, CMOs and CFOs from thousands of hospitals throughout the country.

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to participate in education sessions, workshops and round-table discussions led by healthcare experts and innovators.

Topics of critical interest include: Reinventing the Business Model; Smart ICUs; Telehealth; Value-Based Care; Connected Hospitals; Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness; Personalized Medicine; Chronic Care Management; Data Security and Privacy, Workforce Shifts and Shortages; and Patient Safety and Quality.

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