Wyndham Jade Launches RoomLogicTM Mobile Friendly Housing Platform

April 5, 2013

When associations and event organizers engage Wyndham Jade as their housing, vendor they will have a new mobile-friendly way for attendees to book hotel rooms within the room block.

RoomLogicTM powers the Web site using HTML5 and adapted CSS. This means at least the housing portion of your event site will reformat to fit within any type of screen. The RoomLogicTM Web sites automatically redraw themselves, creating a streamlined, desktop-like hotel booking experience on mobile devices.

There is no app to download. Attendees simply view the site on their smartphone or tablet web browser. RoomLogic’s intuitive user interface eliminates wordy instructions and makes it easy to select and buy hotel rooms on the go.

I took it for a spin on both my iPad and Android smartphone. I was able to easily view the entire page without “pinching” the window or scrolling right to left. Attendees can search on available hotels based on dates and number of rooms needed, and even include specific requests such as price range and availability of a pool or fitness center.

Results are displayed with information such as distance to the event, a short description of the property, price and a photo of the property. Attendees can view a high-definition photo slideshow by clicking on the thumbnail photo.  They can also view a map which shows them exactly where the property is in relation to the meeting venue.

Once attendees find the right hotel for them, they tap “Select” and complete the reservation process.

"Providing mobile-friendly registration with high definition photos gives our clients' event attendees the quality online shopping experience they expect," comments Wendy Gillon, Wyndham Jade's vice president of Convention Operations.

Gillon adds, "presenting HD property photos during the online hotel selection process and simplifying the user interface makes it more convenient for event attendees to book rooms from their phone, tablet or computer. This helps our clients achieve significantly higher conversion rates and maximize their room blocks."

Attendees are using mobile devices more and more, thus providing them an easy way to make hotel reservations on those devices just makes sense.

RoomLogicTM integrates seamlessly with your event website and can be branded to match your show’s look and feel. Now, you just need to make sure your event Web  site is mobile friendly, as that’s where they’ll be landing first.

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