4 Ways Your Branding Strategy Can Impact Your Trade Show’s Success

November 5, 2019

Richard Kearsey

Richard Kearsey is a digital designer at Emerald Colour, a London based brand design agency specializing in website design services. Richard enjoys creativity, experimenting with various design techniques for web and print, and sharing his thoughts on the latest design trends and upcoming marketing ideas.

If someone tells you that your business doesn’t need traditional marketing strategies, as it’s the era of online marketing, run in the other direction. Trade shows still hold a lot of importance, especially when it comes to creating brand awareness and building relationships.

According to Forbes, the magic of marketing is in the mix, and the best strategy is the one that is educational in nature. Trade shows allow you to market your business and educate potential customers through face-to-face interactions and build relationships with them. 

Not only are trade shows more impactful, but they are also a cost-effective way to have direct interactions with customers. In fact, a survey shows that up to 30 percent of companies are planning to raise their budget for trade shows

Incorporating business branding strategies in trade shows helps strengthen the position of the business amongst potential competitors in the market. Trade shows are considerably one of the best platforms to build your brand. 

If you are organizing a trade show for your business, here are the top four ways you can ensure that your branding strategy contributes to your trade show’s success.

Design Your Exhibition 

You won’t be judged if you go the extra mile and hire a designer to design your trade show booth. The truth is that the design elements of your business play a key role in creating a memorable and significant impact on visitors. Your design should incorporate your brand personality, message and vision. 

The display table and product showcase should be designed in a way that shows off your brand. Don’t be hesitant when you are doing so; you want the customers to see that your business has spent a lot of time, effort and money on this. Your booth should feature more than just the brand logo. 

Create a Brand Experience

Since trade shows are all about impact and interaction, they aren’t just a marketing technique; they are a whole brand experience. Most trade shows go on for two to three days. This is a chance for businesses to use their design and strategy to create an experience that the visitors remember long after. 

The brand experience should start by conveying the message of the brand and go until you’ve created a brand promise. As relationships are built on promises, a good business-client relationship is one where customers can trust your business to fulfill their needs. Tell your customers what you do and offer them more than just tangible products. Promises are extended to quality, timely deliveries and future trust. 

Use Brand Ambassadors 

Your booth should not just have your staff members, but also your brand ambassadors present at your trade show. If the customers are convinced when they see them promoting your products and services, imagine the positive impact that face-to-face interactions with the customers will have on your business. This will also facilitate trust-building between the customers and your business. 

Your staff members can also best exemplify your brand, especially those who are on the top level of the hierarchy. Arrange speaking sessions, how-to sessions and awareness sessions to create an impact.    

Make Your Business Social

Trade shows are your best chance to build a network for your business and promote it through social relationships. It is also a forum through which you meet key influencers including journalists, bloggers, analysts and other highly connected people of the society. Don’t leave this opportunity to reach out to them and make a position for your business. 

Trade shows are all about using your branding strategy in the right way and thinking out of the box. Take the opportunity and achieve optimal visibility by employing these tips.


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