Exhibiting at a Trade Show in California? You Need These

October 26, 2014

Shane Shirley

Shane Shirley is CMO for SBS Brands, a 90-year-old global brand leader focused on creating digital and print business solutions that offers traditional and eco-friendly customized promotional products to accelerate trade show marketing.

Plastic bag bans have been cropping up in California for years, so when Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 270 on Sept. 30, which bans single-use plastic bags throughout the entire state, it seemed like the next logical step.

More than100 cities and counties in California already had laws banning or regulating plastic bags, and the statewide measure is very similar to the majority of these laws - disposable plastic bags are banned and paper bags are available for a 10-cent fee.

This law will have a tremendous impact on the environment, but it also affects how people that live in the state, as well as visitors, shop. All shoppers now need to pay a small fee for paper bags or bring their own reusable bags.

A lot of folks in California have already established the habit of toting reusable bags to the store, but this is now a habit the rest of Californians need to form and even offers a great marketing opportunity aimed at California trade show attendees in California who are from out of state.

Reusable Bags Provide a Great Marketing Opportunity In Any State but Especially in Cali

With this in mind, if you exhibit at trade shows in California, why not promote your brand with reusable bags? Such a takeaway is always useful and convenient for the people who visit your booth in any state, but there is a very specific demand for reusable bags right now in the Golden State. The people who leave the show with a reusable bag bearing your branding are almost certain to use it and help spread the good word about your company in the process.

These bags function essentially as an eco-friendly mobile billboard that your customers and prospects carry while increasing your brand awareness and brand recognition in the process. You can customize your reusable bag by selecting the materials, size, shape, material colors and printing colors and imagery to make something that is comfortable and convenient to carry while also blending into your branding for a cohesive addition to your marketing lineup.

Another perk of marketing with eco-friendly reusable shopping bags is the durability. Under normal conditions a reusable bag will last for 3 - 6 years, so your customers will be carrying your branded bag and promoting your company for years to come, offering you a great ROMI (return on your marketing investment).

Promote Your Brand and Help the Environment All At the Same Time

Not only are reusable bags functional and useful and super customizable, but they are also very eco-friendly. Not all reusable bags are equally eco, as ultimately the material your reusable bag is constructed from factors into just how eco your bags are, but simply by replacing the need for disposable bags and utilizing recycled or sustainable materials you can create a promotional bag that is good for the planet, your brand and your bottom line.

Using reusable bags as a trade show takeaway in California or any state tics a lot of boxes in terms of promoting your brand in an environmentally friendly manner and securing a substantial ROMI.

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