The 14th China (Shanghai) International Forging Exhibition 2018

2018-11-01 - 2018-11-03
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 Founded in 2005,“China (Shanghai) International Forging Exhibition” has been held Thirteen times successfully, with exhibits will also include forgings, forged flanges, rings, forging materials, forging equipment and forging accessories, etc, and has become one of the most professional and authoritative brand exhibition with high specification at a high level through development. It responds to the call of national policy, advocates enterprises to go on the way of innovative, efficient and green Forging and promotes science and health of industry and harmonious development with nature and society actively.    

The 14th China (Shanghai) International Forging Exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre during 1-3 Nov,2018 grandly. It will invite domestic and overseas Forging manufacturers and giants of materials and equipment to exhibit new products, new techniques and new equipment in accordance with the requirements of “internationalization, professionalization and high level”, thus helping industry leaders to know the latest trend of global Forging industry chain in an all-round way and building a one-stop procurement platform of products, materials and equipment for visitors!

Exhibitor information

Scope of exhibition:

◆ Forging: Forgings of cars, motorcycles and saloon cars, sewing machine forgings, marine forgings, diesel engine forgings, petroleum chemical engineering forgings, airplane forgings, bearing forgings, nuclear power forgings, forgings of (pressure vessels, textile machinery, railway machinery, coal mine machinery, construction machinery, mining, lifting, weapons, thermal power, power stations, axle, gear, roll, manhole covers and others) and all kinds of flanges, fine-blanking and forging tube valve body; forgings for medical devices, pharmaceutical machinery, drug packaging machinery, metal fittings forgings, light industrial machinery forgings and raw materials for forgings.
◆ Flanges and rings
Various large flange, reduced flange, stainless steel flange, pressure vessel flange, wind power flange, integral flange, threaded flange, flat welding flange, hubbed flat-welding flange, welding neck flange, hubbed welding neck flange, socket welding flange, loose flange, lining blind flange, non-standard flange, American standard, German standard, Japanese standard, Russian standard flange, blind flange, flange component, flange piece, ring flange, flange protection cover, flange gasket.   
Various small, medium, large and standard ring, special-shaped ring, civil and military ring, slewing ring, gear ring, rim, ring forging, etc   
◆ Forging equipment: Forging equipment; die forging equipment; free forging equipment; extrusion, rotational molding, cutting off, torsion bending molding equipment; cross wedge rolling mill, ringrolls; mechanical press; automatic forging press; cold/warm forging machine; hydrostatic press; automatic molding equipment; common molding equipment; forging hammer; forging machine; shearing machine; bending correction machine; sheet leveling machine; riveting machine; automation, consultation service, forging die manufacturing technology and equipment, industrial furnace and kiln for forging production, and energy conservation technology, import and export service, ISO/QS 9000 certification, machinery maintenance and second-hand equipment, process design and CAD, CAM, forging detection equipment and instrument, forging auxiliary equipment.

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