2016 China (Guangzhou) International Cleanroom Technology & Equipment Exhibition ( Cleanroom Guangzhou 2016)

2016-05-13 - 2016-05-15
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2016 China (Guangzhou) International Cleanroom Technology & Equipment Exhibition ( Cleanroom Guangzhou 2016) Date: May 13th -15th, 2016 Venue: Poly World Trade Center Expo (PWTC Expo) Cleanroom Guangzhou 2016--The Most Professional Industry Pageant Guangzhou International Cleanroom Technology & Equipment Exhibition, sponsored by Guangdong Association of Cleanroom Technology, and co-organized by domestic and overseas industry association and other professional agencies, which can be named as the most professional and largest clean technology exhibition in Asia. On May 13th to 15th, 2016, Cleanroom Guangzhou 2016 will returning its grand opening in Poly World Trade Center Expo (PWTC Expo).It is expected to draw more than 200 exhibitors from China, South Korea, India, Vietnam, Russia, Germany, America, Brazil, Netherlands, more than 20 countries and regions and occupy 10,000 square meters exhibition area, displaying all the products of clean technology and displaying the advanced technology in cleanroom industry. That will be the essential exhibition you must attend! Please catch the opportunity to join in us!   Cleanroom Guangzhou 2015--Gather Top famous Brands Worldwide As the most professional business trade show in China, Cleanroom Guangzhou 2015 has attracted top cleanroom suppliers both at home and abroad, including, Guangzhou Testing Centre of Industrial Microbiology, America TSI Instrument with corpuscular counter, America Heat Pipe Technology Inc. with desiccant heat pipe, HongKong G & T with sensor product, Netherlands Esky Purify with corpuscular counter, Lairun with clean aluminum, TeleWin with modular AHU, Yizhong Aluminum Industry with air handling, Sun Holy with clean filter, Jiusheng Filter Technology with disposable clothing, Xintian with purification equipment, etc. Been highly appraised, Cleanroom Guangzhou 2015 ended on August 20th. Most of exhibitors hope to book booths of Cleanroom Guangzhou 2016 as earlier as possible owing to the good effect and great success. Welcome more and more international brands to choose Cleanroom Guangzhou Exhibition as your premier business platform and exhibit your latest products here. Exhibition Scope Clean room equipment: clean bench, clean booth, FFU, clean air filter, clean luminaries, biosafety cabinet, pass box& window, air shower, fan filter unit, cleaner, air self-purification device, sterilization equipment, wash disinfecting equipment, wash sterilization equipment, etc. HVAC system: central air conditioning system, auxiliary products, clean air conditioner, blower, automatic control products, etc. Clean room framework: ceiling, keel, wallboard, flooring, coating material& floor, door, window & glass, color plate, clean aluminum products, etc. Clean room consumables: anti-static dust-proof cloth (hat, clothes, pants, shoes, boots, protective goggles/mask, gloves), purification room paper, pen, air-laid paper, clean dishcloth, purification cotton swabs consumables; Filter material; Anti-static wrist band, the static radio pad, anti-static clean chair, etc.; Instrumentation equipment: measuring instrument, corpuscular counter, sampler, flow hood, differential pressure indicator, electrostatic energy analyzer, supervision system. Related products: pure water equipment, pure and ultrapure water purification facilities, industrial wastewater treatment facilities, clean gas, specialty gas, chemicals, etc. Design& certification: design institute, design & engineering & decoration & Detection Company, GMP pharmaceutical engineering, industry association, etc. Contact us: Ms. Mae Law Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group (Organizing Committee of Cleanroom Guangzhou 2016) Tel: +86 20-2918-8711 Fax: +86 20-8257-9220 E-mail: grand1@grahw.com; maelaw@163.com Web: http://www.clcte.com/index.php?lang=en Add: Room 202, Meijing Garden, No. 318 of Chebei Road, Guangzhou, China

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