2nd Annual Brazilian Retail Insurance Summit 2015

Navigate a new competitive landscape, manage the risk of evolving regulations & drive bottom and top line growth
2015-05-25 - 2015-05-28
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The Brazilian insurance community is anxious. We all know the size of the opportunities – that’s why we’re here after all – but market is highly competitive and regulations remain unpredictable. And all of this within a context of an uncertain political and economic climate. In gathering the community together last year for the first time, we examining the Brazil landscape as a whole, looked at who is who and how companies are engaging new clients, and we established the starting point for a national conversation. This year we are looking at the deeper challenge we are facing: the competitive landscape, the fact that new players are challenging traditional ways of doing things, forcing many to operate outside their comfort zone, and how companies can manage the risk of evolving regulation. So, we are working with SUSEP to provide regulatory clarity, with the leading insurers and reinsurers to help shape business strategy, as well as the brokers and distribution channels which will offer new routes to market to help companies deliver the top and bottom line growth required for success. Attend the 2nd Annual Brazilian Retail Insurance Summit and get ahead by uncovering the solutions to the most critical challenges we are facing. Successfully navigate the competitive landscape, challenge traditional ways of doing business, and manage the risk of evolving regulation. By networking with other market leaders, you can effectively shape your business strategy for 2015 and beyond.

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