8th Total Compensation and Benefits

2017-06-21 - 2017-06-22
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The 8th Total C&B seminar is an intensive two-day event designed to address today's challenges in rewards and compensation strategies. The effect of C&B on employee performance, satisfaction and organizational commitment is hard to overstate. No matter the economic climate, C&B experts, HR generalists and work-life professionals are looking for new ways to help their organisations succeed. With some of the world's largest organisations removing performance ratings (more than 25%), the need to understand the impact this has is crucial. Even though eliminating ratings has received a lot of positive criticism, research along with data reveals that the impact on employees and managers may be more negative than expected. With that, how do you then calculate pay fairly and competitively? Traditional PM has been criticised for some time for two reasons: the need for faster and real-time feedback. The conference features leading speakers from Compensation & Benefits, Rewards, Recognition, Mobility and HR. Each speaker will provide valuable case studies, insights into research results, winning practices, strategies and invaluable take home action plans. Looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam.

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