ADMET 2017

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SMi is delighted to announce the 12th annual ADMET conference returning to London in 2017! ADMET technologies determine properties of a drug candidate in the preclinical stage of drug discovery, and poor ADMET properties are a major cause for a candidate to fail in drug development. ADME-Toxicology has allowed pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to minimize drug discovery time, complications and to reduce costs. The growing use of ADMET technologies is driving the market growth, which is estimated to reach $14,319.9 Million by 2022, with a CAGR of 10.6% from 2016 to 2022*. The main objective of early prediction of ADME properties is to increase the success rate of compounds reaching the development stage.
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Benefits of attending: oin us this year in June to hear from our expert speaker panel, bringing you interesting case studies and detailed presentations on new and industry relevant topics, including: ADME/PK Optimisation for Drug Design and Discovery Drug Screening Technology In Vitro to Human In Vivo Translation Physiologically Based PK Modeling DMPK, PBPK, PKPD Pre-/Clinical Toxicity Accurate Human Dose Predictions Transporters, Bioavailability, Formulation Drug Delivery Metabolism Studies Drug-Drug Interactions In vivo / in vitro / in silico Hazard and Safety Assessment Predictive Toxicology Preclinical Pharmacology Testing

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